Aug 6 2009
01:26 pm
By: EricLykins  shortURL

and win.

gonzone's picture

loss leaders

Murdock has absolutely no problem financing money losing media outlets.

So long as they pump the appropriate propaganda.

He's kinda like Moon in that regard.

BTW, love the Lebowski quote!

"If ignorance is bliss, why aren't more people happy?"

rikki's picture

Toying with these loudmouths

Toying with these loudmouths through advertising can work the other way as well. Sean Hannity has been ranting about the "government take-over" of GM for months, but guess who's the shill for the new GM? They are not running ads during breaks; Hannity is actually speaking the lines they feed him during his radio broadcast. Apparently Hannity has been assimilated into the socialist take-over of our economy, and they tricked him with capitalism! Dastardly.

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