May 4 2021
10:00 am

Children Now Account For 22% Of New U.S. COVID Cases.

"Experts link the trend to several factors – particularly high vaccination rates among older Americans. ... But other dynamics are also in play, from new COVID-19 variants to the loosening of restrictions on school activities."

In Michigan, a record-breaking number of children have been hospitalized with Covid.

"Experts blame a more transmissible variant, which appears to be spreading faster among children and adults."

"In Michigan, rates of child infections are now higher than they’ve been at any point in the pandemic. As of April 17, the 10-19 age group had the state's highest rate of new cases, averaging more than 1,150 cases per day during the previous week. For children younger than 10, the average was 400 new cases per day."

"Younger, unvaccinated Oregonians are now showing up in our hospitals with severe cases of COVID-19," said Oregon Gov. Brown.

"West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice said last week the state is offering a $100 savings bond to residents 16 to 35 who choose to get vaccinated."

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