Jun 17 2006
07:49 pm
By: redmondkr  shortURL

The ABC Saturday Evening News ran a piece about World Trade Center workers and their health problems. I remember the amazement I felt when the EPA declared that the air around Ground Zero was safe for these workers to breathe.

Before retiring from a federal contractor, I had regular training on the hazards of asbestos and similar materials.  The disposal procedure for a spent fluorescent lamp was nothing short of amazing.

Paper dust masks such as those worn all over the New York worksite were outlawed where I worked because they gave workers a false sense that their lungs were being protected.  You either wore a properly fitted respirator or you stayed well clear of the contaminated area.

Of course following safe procedures adds a great deal more time to the task of remediation.  That gaping wound in New York was showing the world what can happen when a government fails to heed clear warnings of an imminent attack.  It had to be closed and quickly.

Besides, we had a new compassionate conservative, faith-based administration.  One of the Decider in Chief’s earliest pronouncements was that communities could tolerate more arsenic in their drinking water - it's so expensive to remove.  Maybe in a few decades we will develop more tolerance for other toxic wastes.  Ann Coulter would probably advise these families to just suck it up and go buy her book.


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