Nov 14 2018
02:58 pm

Freshman orientation for new members of Congress has begun.

From the New York Times,

Tim Burchett, a newly elected Republican of Tennessee, was just trying to find his way around.

“I’m from Knoxville, ma’am,” he said. “The longest I’ve ever been in D.C. was in 1976 when I was a patrol boy.” And that, he said, was when he was in the sixth grade.

I hope he does good for (all) the folks back home.

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Taking the "aw shucks"

Taking the "aw shucks" routine to D.C., I see.

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Well, he probably already

Well, he probably already wields more influence in DC than Jimmy Duncan. I'd watch to see if he keeps wearing that Carhartt coat over his suit. That worked back here, but his peers on the Hill might find it a bit much. There's a fine line between acting folksy and going full rube.

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