Trump, of course, is a large part of the reason why the Republican gubernatorial primary has descended to the level it has. Despite historically low approval ratings nationally, Trump’s approval rating in Tennessee in May was at 58 percent. That’s the sixth-highest of any state in the nation, and just three points lower than it was in Tennessee when he was inaugurated.

Black, Lee, and Boyd all want to be like Trump.

Do the Democratic candidates have a chance? It would be nice if they did.

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You've seen the stats on

You've seen the stats on voter turnout. Anyone on the ballot could win if non-voters became voters.

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If voter turnout was any

If voter turnout was anything close to where it is in most democracies, we would have drastically different results in Tennessee and across the nation. Of course, many of these non-voting citizens are the people that complain the most. They need to get off their lazy asses and do their responsible civic duty. Only then will they earn the right to criticize. It is sad that even in presidential elections barely half of those eligible to vote bother to show up at the polls. In local elections it is even worse, with sometimes less than 10 percent of the voters casting a ballot. No doubt, a Democrat would be very competitive in the race for governor if all eligible voters actually voted. That is the reason Republican controlled state legislatures across the country have passed legislation keeping many likely Democratic voters such as the elderly and poor from voting.
It does not take long, after watching a few political ads to figure out that most Republican candidates this year think the more they are like Trump the better their chance to win.The more they talk about Trump's wall, or ending sanctuary cities, or second amendment rights,the less is said about important issues such as education, healthcare, or better paying jobs. There used to be many decent Republican lawmakers and voters that I disagreed with on issues, now it is hard to find that decent Republican that has the guts to stand against a clueless and immoral President. It is very disappointing to know children and grandchildren are listening to their parents and grandparents support Trump and the kids are trying to figure out what happened to the values and morals they were taught. It is hard to look up to a parent or grandparent when they contradict all the lessons they have taught you about kindness and morals and human decency by supporting an immoral racist President.

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For linking to my last-ever Scene piece. :(

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Is it going the way of the Mercury?

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But apparently the new developer owners think I'm too sassy on Twitter and it's hurting the "brand" - bc, you know, firing your political reporter three weeks before Election Day is such a good way to help your brand?

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