Dec 7 2018
04:41 pm

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A lot of the same things

A lot of the same things could have been said about 60's pop, especially with regards to record label manipulation and music mass production... Motown, the Brill Building, the Wrecking Crew, etc.

But they mass produced a lot of great music, by musicians who could (mostly) play the music they wrote. On instruments, not computers.

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I'm not sure the 60's Poppers could play either

Pop music is an interesting study. I don't know if I think less of Adele and Taylor Swift, both of whom write great songs and are good vocalists, but only nominally play guitar, and more of the 60's poppers who weren't allowed to play in the studio. Frankly I saw great musicians in the 60's, few though they were, all the way to today, where monster guitarists are everywhere you listen, still playing for peanuts. I think the currency is so devalued today that you have to be willing to starve your entire career, or have some look that can be exploited by the same old machine that has controlled music for 100 years.

All that said, there is an amazing music scene in east Tennessee if you take time to find it. The problem I have is promoting to a fractured market ad getting a crowd on a regular basis big enough to pay good artists.

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If this rings true and you care, go to Big Ears

and revel in great music you have not heard before.

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There's a reason

Today music is made for 12 year olds and the uneducated. Top 40, Rap and Hip Hop, Death Metal (or whatever the hell it's called today)is written by simpletons for simpletons.

That was the beauty of the British Invasion. Those English cats had far better literary education than we had therefore the lyrics and the composition ran far deeper.
This is not to say that there aren't exceptions. There are. I can't wait to see what young talent like Courtney Hadwin have in store for us in ten to twenty years.

Provided these Jennifer Lopez/Miley Cyrus types don't manage to corrupt their enthusiasm and purity.

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make it more plain, why don't you?

captainkona, your racism is showing

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Every generation thinks their

Every generation thinks their music was better, and the current stuff is horrible. The truth is that the pop charts have always been filled with fluff. We just forget the bad stuff and think that the good stuff that remains is all there was in the first place.

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Indeed. In fact, there's so


In fact, there's so much extraordinary music being made now - in all genres and from throughout the world - that I think we're living in the midst of a very rich, fertile, and deeply creative period for music.

The challenge these days is how to discover it - simply because there's so much and you don't have the limitations - and the "filter" - imposed by production and distribution controlled by a limited number of record companies and media outlets. But, as Somebody points out above, there was plenty of fluff around in those days - and much of what we love and revere now, seldom if ever hit the airwaves in its heyday. I remember when hearing the "long version" of "Whole Lotta Love" on the radio was almost revolutionary - and artists like Joni Mitchell and Neil Young didn't hit the mainstream radio airwaves until their third or fourth solo albums, much less Cream, Zappa, Hendrix, the Allman Brothers, etc.

There's some truth in that video but some of the conclusions drawn or the so-called "analysis" presented is pretty suspect.

Thanks for the Big Ears nod...there's wonderful music to be discovered there by anyone willing to dive in.


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