Oct 13 2020
05:51 pm

I am very surprised this has not been talked about on this forum. Can somebody tell me why we need an elected Law Director other than what was on the card I got in the mail? For that matter why do any Fee offices have an elected person vs. the most qualified? Just does not make sense to me.

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Good question. The Law

Good question. The Law Director serves at the discretion of the Mayor, so his/her term is theoretically limited. Some cities have elected law directors, and some have appointed.

And what about Amendment 2?

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elected law directors

Knox County is the only county in Tennessee with an elected full-time law director. In Knox County, the law director does not serve at the discretion of the mayor. He (or she, though there has never been a woman elected to the post) is an independently elected official accountable to no one but the voters every four years.

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You'd think.

Sometimes they make you shake your head and wonder though.

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I meant to say, the Law

I meant to say, the Law Director, when appointed, serves ...

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We don't. And yes, all these

We don't. And yes, all these fee offices should be appointed, not elected. And the sheriff, too. Especially the sheriff. Then the county mayor would have to actually work.

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County Mayor working

Given our last three county mayors, is that really what we want?

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Yep, trusting Glen Jacob's to

Yep, trusting Glen Jacob's to appoint anybody is a scary thought. He is an incompetent loser. Allowing him the power to appoint a law director would be a huge mistake.

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Presumably, appointees would

Presumably, appointees would have to be approved by county commission. Yeah, I know. But still, there would be at least one obstacle to prevent appointing complete morons. As it is, some random guy can get his pals at the Optimist Club to sign a petition and he's got the job as long as there's an R by his name.

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If the ballot measure is approved by voters, which is a long shot, it wouldn't mean Jacobs would hire a law director and nothing else would change. It would mark a fundamental change to something much more like the city's setup.

The county mayor would hire a law director to represent the administration. His lawyer, his call.

The county commission would hire an attorney, probably on a part-time basis, to help with crafting legislation and represent the executive branch. Knoxville City Council does this. Their lawyer, their call.

The Board of Education would hire its own attorney, also probably on a part-time basis but you never know, to represent the district. The city doesn't have a school system, but its quasi-independent Civil Service Merit Board hires its own part-time attorney. Again, their lawyer, their call.

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I would like to vote today

I would like to vote today but still thinking about Amendment 1. I have always thought appointing a law director was the best idea. Glen Jacob's and Tim Burchett have made me question that opinion. Last week my dentist asked me my thoughts on the amendment and all I could think of was Jacob's appointing a law director. I want to make the best decision in the long term. It would make it easier if Kincannon was the mayor of Knox County.

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Well..if nobody has a great

Well..if nobody has a great argument in the next hour against amendment I am going with my gut and voting yes.

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One thing to keep in mind in

One thing to keep in mind in thinking about Jacobs, if that's your concern, is that at most this would take effect for the last 2 years of a theoretical second Jacobs term.

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Yep, Barker's thoughts nudged

Yep, Barker's thoughts nudged my mind toward a yes vote even though Bob brings out my heartfelt disgust for the last couple of mayors. I will vote yes and hope it is for best.

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Great point.

Great point. I waited an hr and 5 minutes in line at Halls .

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David Buuck

I think highly of David Buuck and know his as someone with principles who is willing to stand up against the good ole boys network. So my tinfoil hat is buzzing a bit and might be saying this could be a scheme to get rid of Buuck.

For that reason I voted no on proposition 1. I hope you all will take this into consideration. Separation of powers and all that.

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David is a good man. We all

David is a good man. We all voted for him. I voted for what I thought best for the long term and was not voting against Buuck.

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What are the requirements to

What are the requirements to be able to run for county law director?

What would be requirements for an appointed law director be?

If you get some bad apples in any organization, appointing will likely perpetuate existing culture.

How about an independent entity appointing the law director. A committee of dean's of UT, LMU, and some other law school. Or a rotating three person committee of faculty from UT and LMU law schools.

Law director serves one term of x years. is that a full time position?

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