Nov 9 2017
02:02 pm

He's succeding at what he set out to do, which is destroy the federal government. Isn't that what his supporters wanted?

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Mainly because the same

Mainly because the same people peddling those numbers are the same people that assured progressives he was going down back in November.

He'd be re-elected today. I don't care how many blue state seats the Democrats are picking up.

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Snowflake triggered, needs to

Snowflake triggered, needs to find safe space.

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Seth Meyers: Trump so

Seth Meyers
: Trump so unpopular, pretty soon it will just be 'Fox & Friend'

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It's the economy stupid

All crotch grabbing and email deleting aside, the real issues in the 2016 election were the economy and dissatisfaction with career politicians.

The stock market is rolling along(at least for now) unemployment is low(at least for now) and Trump is being Trump(not like a career politician)

If the election were held today Trump's voters would stick with him. Hillary on the other hand has lost credibility with her base, especially the Sanders supporters who reluctantly voted for her.

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