When emailing several U.S. senators around the country part of the "Your Information" is a prefix to your name.

Some of the senators require you to specify a prefix, some don't.

Why is it that men have one option for prefix, Mr., and women have three, Mrs., Ms., or Miss?

Mrs. is used to identify a woman is married. Don't men want designations to identify that they are married?
Miss is used to identify a woman is unmarried. Don't men want designations to identify that they are unmarried?

Why do women need three options for their title and men only need one?

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It a leftover from the

It a leftover from the patriarchy that should be hunt down and killed.

(And yeah, I'm in a bad mood after the vote. Sue me.

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This isn’t news...

There used to just be Mrs. and Miss. That’s why Ms. was created in the first place.

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The question remains

Why are there three titles for women and one for men? Why have differentiation for the marital status for women only?

I personally think they don't read/throw out the Ms. comments.

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In case you forgot, women are

In case you forgot, women are property. As such, it is necessary to label them with regard to availability. /s

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There’s really no way to get

There’s really no way to get that one where no one will complain. ‘Ms.’ is there to escape the patriarchy inherent in the Miss/Mrs. options. Some will nonetheless complain that Ms. is even included. Others will complain that the Miss/Mrs. are still options. Others are likely unhappy that there aren’t more gender options, while still others aren’t happy that there are any gender-based options included at all. One thing is certain. If a staffer writes a reply that in some way uses language that reflects back the wrong gender/status, the recipient will be irritated and/or angry, regardless of the content of the response. I expect that’s why some require the person writing in to select one for themselves.

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While this article is quite

While this article is quite old, there's an interesting discussion from a linguist point of view about both the use of titles and other ways that women are 'marked': (link...)

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From Huffington Post, Why Is

From Huffington Post,

Why Is There No Female Equivalent for “Mr.”?

“Mr.” is the only honorific pronoun used when addressing men, but when addressing women, society still insists we consider her marital status.

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