Jan 10 2019
08:25 am

Knox Co. Mayor Glenn Jacobs took time out from his busy schedule to participate in a reddit "ask me anything." Hilarity ensues. Who thought this was a good idea? Here's a sampling:

yourredditacct: Do you havd further political aspirations?

BigRedMayorMayor Glenn Jacobs: Currently I'm concentrating on being the best Mayor for Knox County that I can be. This is an important job and not a stepping stone.

SalamanderNewton; Do you have your mask displayed in your office?

BigRedMayorMayor Glenn Jacob: I have some memorabilia from my career but my mask is in a secure location because I don't want it to fall into the wrong hands...

purpleinthebrain: With your busy schedule, how do you still find time to wrestle for the WWE?

BigRedMayorMayor Glenn Jacobs: I don't.

ThisIsRyGuy: What motivated you to get into politics? Was it any specific issue?

BigRedMayorMayor Glenn Jacobs: I just feel that we need good people in government.

Little_Chimp: Did those explosions ever damage your hearing over the years? They're so loud live!

BigRedMayorMayor Glenn Jacobs: What?! I can't hear you...

BudgetPepper: What is your platform for Knox Country Tennesee?

BigRedMayorMayor Glenn Jacobs: I want to add jobs to the region, keep taxes low and fight the opioid epidemic. Check out our FB page @knoxcomayorglennjacobs for more.

ThatGuyKacper: What do you think of the current state of the Republican Party?

BigRedMayorMayor Glenn Jacobs: I think both parties are terrible at the national level.

dev_nte: How many long have you been wanting to become a politician?

BigRedMayorMayor Glenn Jacobs: Please don't call me a politician! Please refer to me as an elected official. After all I've accomplished in my life, I don;t want to disappoint my mother by referring to myself as a politician. I've always been interested in government. I've never considered running for office until about three years ago when I began thinking about running for mayor.

RenatusiskFlorida: What are your thoughts on the current government shutdown?

BigRedMayorMayor Glenn Jacobs: Frankly, I think Washington is dysfunctional and has been for a long time. Washington has too much power on our lives and spends too much money. Constitutionally, the Federal Government should not be doing many of things it does. According to the 10th Amendment, any power not granted to the Federal Government is reserved to the states or the people. And, state and local governments are still operating and providing many of the services that folks expect from the government. I think that we should have a conversation about the overall role of the federal government in our lives and the shutdown illustrates that.

greenblue98: Hello Mayor Jacobs. As someone who lives near Chattanooga, what is your opinion of municipal internet and of the repeal of net neutrality?

BigRedMayorMayor Glenn Jacobs: I am not for net neutrality. I think we need to figure out ways to make internet and telecom services more competitive and eliminate local government-backed monopolies.

Lizuka: Can you explain why you took part in Crown Jewel [a wrestling match in Saudi Arabia] despite the controversies surrounding it?

BigRedMayorMayor Glenn Jacobs: Because WWE donated $100,000 to the Knoxville Public Safety Foundation which was arranged long before the controversy. I made a commitment to our local first responders and I wasn't willing to break that.

troubleonsaturn: Hi Mayor Jacobs, How can politicians get away from using the "theatrics" of professional wrestling while still being able to engage an audience hungry for drama? Or, should they, in your opinion?

BigRedMayorMayor Glenn Jacobs: We unfortunately live in a world where politicians have become celebrities. often, there is a lot of flash but no substance. As a society, we are guilty of accepting that. Yes, I would like to see more substantive conversation but until we demand it, we will not get it.

Read the whole thing. The indirect comments and discussion are even more entertaining. And in some cases the lack of understanding about how local government works is disturbing. No wonder guys like Jacobs and Trump get elected.

cwg's picture

I can't believe he thinks EPB

I can't believe he thinks EPB internet is "a government monopoly" -- like, it made Comcast not the monopoly?

Rachel's picture

Oh good lord. I am SO proud.

Oh good lord. I am SO proud.

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