Jul 20 2006
08:29 am
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I am skeptical of Corker's

I am skeptical of Corker's UT poll. I have to wonder if they called all the people that made donations to Corker. Why is this poll so different from the other polls? Is it real?

On the local front, WATE looks like they went to the same high school as Brian Hornback. The headline reads, "Corker lends campaign more than $1 million". But Corker actually lent his campaign 1.7 million dollars. Sounds like government accounting doesn't it?. That is a 41.18% mistake. Why the continued sloppy writing?

In the WATE piece Corker is quoted, "Corker says he is using his own money to "keep the negative tactics of others in this race from affecting the hard work of thousands of volunteers, activists and supporters who have worked so hard on this campaign."

For the people, their children, and their dog Sparky. Bob Corker, man of the people, give or take 100 million dollar personal net worth.

WBIR's website report is just as bad with almost the same reporting. WVLT has no report. None of the stations noted that this triggers the "millionaire act" which allows Bryant and Hilleary to use general campaign funds in the primary and also to expand the maximum amount for individual contributions from $2,100 to $12,600.

Shouldn't that headline read, "Corker lends campaign 1.7 million dollars and triggers millionaire amendment". How much bias is there in covering this Senate campaign? How bad can the local reporting get?

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Spend it all Bob, Spend it ALL

The more you spend, the worse it gets.

Ed Bryant is closing fast and you're not going to get 15,000 votes west of Crossville.

Jimmy Haslam and Bob Talbott have given you nothing but bad advice since you got in the race.

Spend it all.

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Sure hope the real election looks like this poll. :)

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Your poll results are a lot

Your poll results are a lot different than the News Sentinels!

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