May 19 2020
08:11 am

I know, I know. But it happens from time to time. From his latest column at Knox TN Today:

You are not a free enterprise capitalist if you raid the public treasury to get a sweetheart no-bid contract with automatic increases. How is it possible for a private company to provide the same level of service yet still make a profit?

The latest effort to dismantle a public utility is the post office. Ben Franklin, one of our founding fathers, set up the postal service and it has tied together the country for all these decades.

One argument for turning the post office into some version of UPS or FedEx is that the post office loses money. Do we expect prisons to make a profit? Highways? Public schools?

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I find myself agreeing with

I find myself agreeing with Frank more and more these days. He's written several killer posts on school vouchers too.

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The Trump Party is so far out

The Trump Party is so far out into outer space they make right wing conservative Republicans sound perfectly normal and reasonable.

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Prefunded medical obligations

are why the USPS is in such dire straits. Congress in 2006 required the USPS to pre-fund 75 years of retiree health benefits, to the tune of $110 billion. This is responsible for all of their losses since 2013. In addition, that money is going to ward the national debt, not the USPS budget. The House passed a bipartisan bill to repeal this requirement but it of course is stuck in the Senate.

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