May 23 2019
06:58 pm
By: bizgrrl

It's a heat wave. A month before the start of summer and it's in the 90s. Can wear shorts and a t-shirt at 6am. Love it. Kinda wish we had a pool. Running through the sprinklers will have to do. Enjoy!

yellowdog's picture

Climate is not changing, though.

I forget that there are people who live here who really wish the summers were more like Atlanta. Mysteries abound.

Factchecker's picture

Yes, I agree it's way hotter

Yes, I agree it's way hotter than it used to be the same time of year in Atlanta. Climate change is no mystery. We're in uncharted GHG territory, since humans have been on the planet.

Knoxgal's picture

Too Hot!

I hate this heat. It makes outdoor activity, like exercise and gardening almost impossible. We’re limited to a few early morning hours and a few hours in the evening. It’s getting so I prefer winter to summer.

bizgrrl's picture

Never lived in Atlanta. Have

Never lived in Atlanta. Have lived farther south. Do understand GCC. Making a little light banter. Will be careful to not insult others sensibilities.

Factchecker's picture

Dangerous misinformation

Dangerous misinformation needs to be debunked, IMO, but I certainly defer to our gracious hosts not wanting to hurt anyone's delicate feelings.

A quick check shows the historical average high for Atlanta in May is 80 degrees, about 10 degrees cooler than it is here now.

Even for June and July, the historical highs for Atlanta are only 86 and 89, respectively.


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