48 days.

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Joe Biden responds...


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Is he crazy or what? He'd

Is he crazy or what?

He'd rather have some maskless person wheezing and coughing all over his food, drink, self?

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The head of the CDC testifies

The head of the CDC testifies to Congress that if 90% of population would wear a mask for 10 -12 weeks that we would have the pandemic controlled. Trump disputes wearing a mask helps and says the CDC head Redfield misunderstood the question.Really, the guy is testifying under oath. North Dakota was ranked 14th last month in the spread of covid. They were advised by the White House to order masks and social distancing. Now they are ranked number one in the spread of covid and the Trump administration is advising no masks. It seems Trump is going full speed ahead with his new quack guru Scott Atlas' herd immunity or herd mentality as Trump called it. It would take around 65% of our population to contact the desease to acquire herd immunity. With his herd immunity based on 2.97% deaths for covid patients we would have 6.4 million American deaths out of the 65% (215 million) of the U.S. population of 330 million that had covid.

Trump is mentally unstable. His recent comments show he believes he will lose the election and is making no effort to actually win. He is planning to create chaos this fall and question the legitimacy of the election when he loses. He is planning a coup. He needs to be locked up permanently with Barr in jail or in a mental facility!

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