Nearly a decade after the last McClung Warehouse buildings in Knoxville burned down, city officials want to hear from the public about what should be built on the vacant properties.

A redevelopment open house will be held on Thursday, Nov. 16 at The Standard at 416 W. Jackson Ave. City officials, Knoxville’s Community Development Corp, Knoxville-Knox County Planning, and Sanders Pace Architecture will be on hand to hear from residents about what they’d like to see built before the city begins to seek redevelopment proposals.

What should be built at the McClung Warehouse site? Knoxville seeks public input

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Rebekah Jane Justice, the

Rebekah Jane Justice, the City’s Chief of Urban Design and Development said. “What’s missing from downtown? Do people want to see a mix of uses, including mixed-income housing, retail, parking and/or public spaces? Increased connectivity and walkability?”

What does she mean by increased connectivity?
What does connectivity and walkability have to do with these vacant properties?

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Increased connectivity?

However, KAT phased out downtown trolleys. Thus, less connectivity?

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