I figured I would be debating with myself over whether or not to head downtown for the Game. Mayor Kincannon had pushed through the mandates and had the law ready to recognize drinking in public streets. I figured they'd close downtown to vehicle traffic, set up TVs and tables in the street during the five hours the people that weren't going to be inside the stadium were trying to find an entertainment venue, demand masks, charge a cover, crank up the game on the three thousand TVs that ought to be all over the place, put Bob Kesling on the PA systems, sell food, sell beer, sell liquor, it should have literally been more profitable than a ball game.

Have drinking spots marked and roped off for up to four people. Have drinking spots in spaces with one man tables watching TV. Set a goal for 0 covid spread and aggressively pursue that goal. Escort non-maskers out of the event. It should have been a fun time and a cool event. Kincannon had listened and addressed every single issue the cult brought to the table. And likely doubled their profit. I realize some regulars would be inconvenienced by my showing up, displacing them and priming the pump, so to speak. We could have kept Knoxville open and profitable, and knock covid back at the same time. It could have been a lot of fun. It was a good, timely regulation, perhaps not suited to a time when downtown was pursuing family participation offering a stable income for the hospitality industry, but perfectly suited to these times when flexibility and creativity are at a premium.

Instead, I suspect downtown, and all over town are going to be maskless, in open defiance of the tyrannical Board of Health who would dare regulate our right to infect ourselves with a deadly disease. Ever buy a lottery ticket? You known it's never going to be you. We're at the edge of a big, bad jump in cases that's going to go into the holidays. Right now, we're looking at 200 deaths by January, if things proceed as they are. Smart money has things getting worse. I fear Saturday will turn into a super spreader event. Or, it could be a bust. At any rate, I'm out. That's how I know bar/restaurant owners are lying about struggling. When you're turning away the $250.00 special occasion this is our entertainment budget crowd, you can't be hurting too bad. There's 5000 to 10,000 of us dying to get out. I guess the high rollers will bail them out.

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Excellent post!

Excellent post!

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