Sep 8 2018
06:35 am

Trump tweeted:


CNN speculates the $28 million is what Trump thinks is the cost of Mueller's investigation. However, "The Justice Department has spent at least $17 million investigating Russian meddling, but government estimates have shown that Mueller's team specifically has only spent about $7.7 million."

As with most everything else, Trump know very little to nothing about the law. Nixon spent no time in jail but he lost the presidency.

Then there is this,
The Ken Starr investigation into whether or not Bill Clinton lied about having sex cost $57 million.
The Lawrence Walsh investigation into the involvement of Reagan officials in Iran Contra cost $75 million.
The Watergate investigation cost $26 million.
(Amounts have been adjusted for inflation)

But here’s the kicker: Trump’s golf outings have cost the government over $67 million so far. That’s four times what we’ve spent on the Mueller probe.

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