Aug 12 2021
06:54 pm

The University of Tennessee Medical Center reports they will delay some non-essential surgeries
starting Monday, August 16.

Thanks to those who don't care about your fellow citizens. Those who won't require masks in schools, those who won't get vaccinated, those who won't wear masks indoors, those who threaten our healthcare heros are a disgrace to our society.

Hope you have no need for healthcare.

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It's worse in Memphis.

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Hope everyone knows it is

Hope everyone knows it is recommended to wear a mask indoors even if you have been vaccinated. It can also be a good idea if you are in a close group outdoors.

Also, it might not be a good idea to talk about your travels on social media lest you give others the idea it is safe when it may not be without extraordinary measures. Also, do you isolate 10 days after traveling? Who knows what you may be bringing home?

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I started wearing a mask

I started wearing a mask again about three or four weeks ago. I'm vaccinated but I'm also a touch nervous about everything. By all rights I should be safe but their are those few percentage points.

But the social media posts about traveling? I honestly between thoughts on the whole thing. When I post on Facebook theirs normally a picture of me wearing a mask if it's a concert. Everyone on Facebook should realize I'm vaccinated.

But now that things are getting scary again? Most likely I'm safe but theirs tons of people who chose not to be. I really want to Go to see Creepycon and Fairy Fest. Heck I wanna go to the Pilot Light tomorrow. And I would love to talk up all these places and things so they can continue. But yah, promote people to get sick because no matter how much I jump up down about wearings masks social distancing and getting a free vaccine I know good and well that's not happening. Tje Pilot Light had people wear masks and be distant from each other so I think I can swing by there and not promote Covid.

But admittedly a huge part of me is screaming "But I'm vaccinated. I wear a mask. I socially distance when possible I'm doing what I'm supposed to do let me jam out!"

It's not even a debate a debate or arguing thing anymore. It's more of a well what the Hell do we do now thing.

Because it's not resetting to normal anytime soon, not with the way people are threatening medical experts and school board members. I'm scared this is just going to keep going and going until we lose half the state to this.

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Hi again!

Just wanted to kinda add that the Pilot Light is taking this serioulsy. Bark was a all mask show and we were all spaced from each other. Good bands by the way. This Friday Temp Job is headlining a show that will require either a proof of vaccine or a proof of a negative Covid result. Plus tickets will be limited which hopefully means we can all dance decently spaced.

As for CreepyCon, I'm a bit concerned to say the least. So far they haven't posted anything about Covid precautions at all. Nothing on their Facebook and nothing on their website. Hope that changes. If they don't I'm strongly reconsidering attending, cool gift bag or not.

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"Vanderbilt University

"Vanderbilt University Medical Center says its adult hospital and Emergency Department are “completely full.

The hospital said in a statement that due to both areas reaching capacity, transfer requests from many hospital have been declined."

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"The head doctor at Sumner

Hendersonville, TN, northeast of Nashville.

"The head doctor at Sumner Regional Medical Center said the delta variant of COVID-19 “has burned through us with a ferocity that’s hard to describe,” adding “there are no beds.

In a public letter posted to his Facebook and shared by the hospital, Chief Medical Officer Geoff Lifferth expressed his frustrations, calling the last week, “one of the most exhausting and disheartening of my career.”

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