Oct 26 2006
08:56 am
By: WhitesCreek

Bob KKKorker is either a racist or Bob is willing to allow Republican National Committee Chairman, Ken Melman, to use a racist ad campaign in a vile attempt to beat Harold Ford, Jr. It doesn't matter which because this is now a settled issue.

Republicans have to rely on a racist strategy in order to maintain control of the Senate, and that's all there is to it, so let's be done with discussing it, shall we? This is the new Tennessee and let's be bigger than Bob Corker and Ken Melman. (Yeah , I know...Everybody is bigger than Bob fair...)

By pursuing their disgusting election strategy, Ken Melman is trying to downplay the simple facts of Corker's unsuitability for the job. Corker simply puts his own self interests above his constituents and he did a lousy job of running a town.

When an environmental issue was at stake, Corker used his power to revoke a conservation easement so that he could personally enrich himself.

Corker's ability to provide safety and security? His own Chattanooga Police and Firemen thought about their experience with Bob and endorsed Harold Ford, Jr.

Want to know how Corker will handle your money? Check out his history of making a shady deal with Chattanooga City Employee pension funds.

(How the heck does the KNS run an article that strongly hints at criminal conduct by Mr. Corker and then endorse him???)

Sure Bob Corker is willing to exploit the worst in Tennessee politics, but we don't need to talk about anything else but his actual sorry track record of taking care of his own money first and his duty second...If ever. 


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taking care of his own

taking care of his own money

Taking care of his own money?  It seems to me he was "taking care" of other folks' money in the pension funds business as well as the salaries for police and firefighters.  His service to the public reminds me of the farmer who gets his cow serviced.  I feel as though I have been serviced enough already.

I need to change my tag line, the RNC has taken it for a mantra.

"If a thing is worth having, it's worth cheating for." - W. C. Fields

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It was only a matter of time

It was only a matter of time before the lefties pulled the race card.

Ford had run a decent campaign right up until he pulled his bus into a Memphis parking lot and tried to pull a Jesse Jackson shakedown and ended up looking like a little pathetic punk.

Eleanor A's picture

At least Ford

doesn't sound like Ed Muskie on steroids. Cracker's voice breaks every time he tries to defend himself on television. Guess he's having a hard time taking the heat.

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I'm going to try to get the proprietor to pull the Photoshop job above, because Corker supporters are trying to tie it to the Ford campaign. Folks just visiting this website, however, will notice the original post had the subject line "Billmon's take on Corker." Billmon is a national blogger who presumably saw the Corker advertisement firestorm on CNN and commented on it. He is not now and never will be officially affiliated with the Ford campaign. My own views should not be construed as representative of the Ford campaign, either, but since the Corker folks are now using idly posted Photoshop jobs on independent websites to prop up their campaign, I plan to remove such evidence as is easily available.

Clearly, I personally am guilty of linking to an outside source for their take on a local situation, but given that Tennessee blogger Instapundit partakes of this tactic every day of the week without any particular denouncement by weblogs save this one, I don't think critics of that methodology have a leg to stand on.

Look, I'm sorry if the fact that the "Call Me" ad has ignited a national firestorm for the Corker people is inconvenient for them. And it's unfortunate (for them, anyway) that the net result has been a tidal wave of support for (and likely contributions to) Rep. Ford from people throughout the country who have been offended by the ad. I'd be surprised were they not to try to spin this any way imaginable, particularly since the creator of the "Call Me" ad is the same consultant who brought you advertising denouncing triple amputee war hero Max Cleland as 'unpatriotic'; a television spot comparing Virginia governor Tim Kaine to Hitler; and the image of black hands counting welfare money in a commercial supporting Oklahoma Republican Tom Coburn.

It's unfortunate the Corker campaign chose to make the focus of this campaign anything with even a whiff of objectionable material, and I think it's downright classy of Rep. Ford to refuse to dignify this advertisement with any comment on its content other than generalities.

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Well that's settled

Could you please explain what makes the Corker add racism. Tacky, I will agree. Racism, your really reaching. The word rasim has certainly become a crutch. What a shame. However, it does give the rest of us something to laugh about and feel sorry for those who can't buck up and move on. I guess using rasim is kinda like the old saying, "why does a dog lick his behind? Because he can!"

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[POST REDACTED because telling off some scummy troll isn't worth causing trouble for the Ford campaign...]

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Shortstuff, the new Firefox

Shortstuff, the new Firefox 2.0 has a built-in spell checker for those difficult big words such as "rasim".  I see that it has a little squiggly red line under it as I keyboard.  Unfortunately, it doesn't have a dangly-bits checker.

I need to change my tag line; the RNC has taken it as its mantra. "If a thing is worth having, it's worth cheating for." - W. C. Fields

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Memphis Meltdown

For those who live outside of Memphis, the Ford family has long had a political machine here. It's on the decline. Corker had been running a pretty poor campaign and Junior had been running a pretty good campaign until the Memphis Meltdown.

Even before that however, Junior was loosing some of his base. His refusal to endorse the democrat running for his vacated seat has angered many local democrats to the point of not voting in the senate race or voting for the Green Party candidate.

In the end, Corker will probably win by 10 points.

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