Jan 10 2012
09:19 pm

Haslam has announced his legislative agenda, and it is a plutocrat's dream.

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And the attacks on teachers apparently will continue, based on the Guv's agenda and the bill filed by Glen Casada to strip teachers of their statutory due process rights for suspensions without pay.

Also, to add insult to injury, Stacey Campfield has been named to replace Jamie Woodson on the Senate Education Committee.

Just shoot me. Shoot me now.

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Several years late.

Several years late.

Tennessee had achieved third world status long before Haslam took office, somewhere comparable to Mozambique, Ecuador, or Rwanda on the GINI scale.


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i feel sick

Do you know how difficult it is to walk into a classroom of 25 enthusiastic pre-service teachers and try to explain to them that sociopaths are destroying TN public schools and turning their profession over to profiteers and fools and they will be forced to endure disgraceful mistreatment if they stay in the state to teach?


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Technical (sort of) question:

Because this legislative session is the "second session of the 107th Congress," isn't it the case that, in researching this spring's proposed bills at the legislature's website, we will see reams and reams of last spring's bills still up, too?

As new bills are proposed this "second session," is there a quick-and-easy way to discern from the long list at the site which are last spring's bills and which are this spring's?

(Disclaimer: I never in my life spent so much time at that site until last spring, so I'm still learning to navigate it...)

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The Senate has a weekly

The Senate has a weekly review that is handy for keeping up with things, and the House has a coloring book.

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So that's why they call the House the "junior chamber!"

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For $20K you could be a capo

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From Eric's link:

According to a copy of the invitation, annual contributions that add up to $20,000 or more gave donors or bundlers of contributions a “private dinner in the city of your choice” with Ramsey and earned them the designation of “lieutenants.” Ramsey is the state’s lieutenant governor.

Contributions for $20,000 or more also came with entry into Monday night’s Nashville event, which included “top legislative leaders and committee chairman” as well as invitations to regional meetings to “discuss the top issues facing Tennessee’s future.”

As a bonus, donors were offered a “commemorative, personalized Tennessee Senate gavel and photo opportunity with Lieutenant Governor and Senate Speaker Ron Ramsey,” the invitation said.

And, of course, the $20K will "excuse or release persons from all or part of the suffering coming to them in purgatory."

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And, of course, the $20K will "excuse or release persons from all or part of the suffering coming to them in purgatory."

Will they still get to pet the barking dogs at the gates of hell?

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