Sep 29 2019
06:59 pm

It started with bifocals. It escalated to box wine. Then New Balance shoes. AARP cards. Being offered senior discounts without even asking. Wondering about reserved parking spaces at UT Medical Center. Ear plugs for concerts. Knee braces.

Now we're both signed up for Social Security and Medicare.

See y'all at the early bird specials!

bizgrrl's picture

Next, ballroom dancing and a

Next, ballroom dancing and a sports car (even though we've had quite a few).

R. Neal's picture

Florida condo?

Florida condo?

bizgrrl's picture

Oh, yes!

Oh, yes!

Rachel's picture

I've been on Medicare Part A

I've been on Medicare Part A for awhile (still have other coverage through Jim). And found out Friday that my first SS check with arrive 10/11.

Yup, we're geezers.

WhitesCreek's picture

70 is not nearly as old as I

70 is not nearly as old as I thought it would be.

ATSF616's picture

Four more months for me. My

Four more months for me. My wife, a bit older, has been on Medicare A/B for a few years. Combined with our Civil Service retiree health coverage, we haven't paid so much as a penny in deductibles or co-pays for her since.

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