Jul 21 2006
02:58 pm

The state elec comm calls for compromise. Jim Andrews says the tactics are wrong, finally a candidate stands up against this (from WBIR):

The Knoxville Center Mall is removing orange handouts documenting the stances of some political candidates who support term limits.

Those passing out the form say it was an educational tool for voters arriving at an early voting center inside the mall.

Other candidates complained, saying the document advocated certain candidates over others.

A mall spokeswoman declined to comment if the cards in question were educational or political, but said it violated mall rules on handing out flyers.

Read more at the link.

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Stacy, you need to put a

Stacy, in the future you need to put a link to the article with a short excerpt instead of copying the entire copyrighted article. Thank you.

(I edited the post accordingly.)

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Mall wants election site removed

Check out the new story on (link...) . Knoxville Center Mall's attorney sent a letter to the Election Commission ordering the EC to removing the voting location immediately.

It will be a real shame if the polling location gets shut down.

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smells like sin

That news makes me want to show Knoxville Center my ass. I think Todd Steed is going to have to write a new verse to his East Towne Mall song.

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I couldn't wait for Todd to

I couldn't wait for Todd to write new lyrics, so I did it myself:

Hello, Ma
Hello, Pa
Take me down there to East Towne Mall
Load some voters in the trunk
Make 'em vote
Then get 'em drunk
Like a skunk!

The candidates down there are quite overt
They stand around in bright orange shirts
They say they'll serve two terms
They ain't no leech
They ain't no worms
Just two terms! 

Hello, Amy
Hello, Jim
Y'all aint welcome, don't come again
Billy Tindell's old as dirt
And he don't like your orange shirt
No sir! 

All the candidates should be there
To shake your hand and say they'll treat you fair
But some pick up the phone
And bitch and moan
They sued our Moms
Now the charter's gone

Walking past the manager of the mall
I said I'm here to vote and he looked appalled
"Eat, drink, piss or shop
But if you vote I'll call a cop"
Democracy stopped 



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I wished they could have

I wished they could have worked it out and hope they still can. It seems like there will be a real problem for voters in that area. They go to the place that has been announced and used for a while for voting and then all of the sudden it is gone. Will the voter take the next step to go to the new location? Can the voter go to the new location? Some people do not travel around town that easy and have to make arrangements.

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I am a 2nd District voter,

I am a 2nd District voter, and had every intention of writing in Amy -- but the chances that I will do so are getting slimmer with everything I am hearing about this kerfluffle. And what I am hearing is this: that the mall has a policy against campaigning on their property. That she and others were doing so, and ducking into the clerk's office to hide when mall security came around to enforce their "no campaigning" rule. I even hear that Mike Padgett locked them out of one office.

I do not know the legality of such a rule, but speaking just for myseof, I have NEVER been persuaded, educated or otherwise impressed by anyone hanging around a polling place when I go to vote. In fact, they work my last nerve if they do anything more than wear a t-shirt and a smile, or maybe hand me an emory board or a jar-opener (I like those things, but have never been swayed to vote for someone because they handed them out).

So it is no surprise that I find the current behavior of these people annoying and beyond silly -- it's selfish. Now, the Knoxville Center polling place -- the second-most popular site in the county, and one that has been used without incident for years -- is on the brink of being shut down because of this game-playing run amok. I really hate that they are doing this, because it's making me less inclined to vote as I had planned.

To sum it up, I'm pissed.

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Mark Harmon

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Adventures in Early Voting

Hi Betty (and others who are following this thread)!

I am happy to answer any concerns you or anyone else have about this issue, and to explain in detail what's been going on over there at Knoxville Center Mall, if given a chance. However, I have been out running my campaign all day, and haven't had a chance to check out KnoxViews until now.

Last Friday, the first day of early voting, myself and a couple of other volunteers arrived in our orange t-shirts, and with our orange ballots, and greeted voters as they arrived (if you aren't familiar with the Orange Ballot, go here: (link...).) About half-way through the day, the security guard stopped by for a chat, and later the mall manager. They did not tell us we had to leave, but the manager, Mr. Wayer, did say we would need to re-work our flier to make it less "political."

The next day, we arrived with our new flier, which Mr. Wayer liked, and all was fine again. Until Lumpy arrived, and was upset that he wasn't on the flier, although he was prepared to committ to only two terms - provided he is elected. So - after the rest of the candidates in the orange ballot coalition agreed to Lumpy's request to be added, and he agreed to pay his share of the expenses, we reworked the flier, AGAIN.

At this point, the mall was recieving rude calls from folks complaining about our presence, as well as calls from our supporters in favor of our presence. I can't say who was calling to complain, because the mall security told us the irate callers would not give their names or numbers. I can report that a few people identifying themselves as supporters of Billy Tindell's were quite rude to me, and told me they were going to have me thrown out of the mall.

After our next flier revision, the mall told us we could no longer hand the fliers to people, so we did not. However, we had the fliers available if anyone wanted to pick one up. That appeared to be fine, until a couple of days later they told us we could not have them available at all. However, it looked like we could be there in our orange t-shirts and talk to the voters, even if we could not show them or in any other way indicate the presence of the dreaded orange ballot.

We continued to be harrassed by those in fear of the orange ballot, and the mall security continued to receive rude calls. Curtis, the head of mall security, told me he was telling them they had to give their name and number, and meet him at the site of the disturbance, if they wanted their complaint to be recorded. Not a single person wanted to take it that far.

At no time have I hidden from anyone. On the contrary, I am on excellent terms with mall management and mall security. Jim Gray was kind enough to offer his office to me if I wanted to breastfeed Avery in private or change her diaper (and whether or not a diaper should be changed in a bathroom depends on the cleanliness of the bathroom - and the dirtiness of the diaper!).

I was not at the mall when Greg Mackay and the two Sheriff's Deputies arrived and closed Jim Gray's office and the computer lab. All I know about that was relayed to me by Jim Gray. He said that the day before someone had called him and asked if there were campaign materials in his office. He replied that there were - the first round of orange fliers that were now destined for the recycling bin. The caller then asked him specifically if my name was on the fliers. Jim answered yes, and was told that the fliers had to be removed. No problem, said Jim, and he put them in the trunk of his car.

The next day Greg Mackay and the Deputies (sounds like a really cool band doesn't it?) showed up, poked around, and locked everything up. Jim Gray made some calls of his own, and discovered that Mike Moyers, the law director, told Mike Padgett to lock the office and shut down the computer lab - inconveniencing those who regularly use it or take classes there - and that Greg Mackay was the one who requested guards at the polling location. When Jim asked one of the deputies why they were there, he replied that they were there to keep the "solicitors" form entering the county clerk's office (do I smell Diapergate?).

All we have been seeking is the same access to voters that other candidates have at the early voting sites in other districts. I have no intention of body-slamming any potential voter on their way to the polls, and forcing information upon them. Margaret Massey-Cox has emery boards -I will be happy to have her send you one - and I will personally deliver to you a jar opener if you want. Unlike those who have been complaining, we have conducted ourselves in an open and friendly manner, and been very upfront about who we are and what we are doing.

Before early voting began Jim Gray had spoken to Mr. Wayer, and told him that we would be there in our shirts and with our fliers, and Mr. Wayer was fine with that. Other candidates have been there in the past, and it wasn't a problem. The mall may have always had this policy, but it has not really been enforced until now - and probably wouldn't have been a problem except for those anonymous complainers.

I hope this answers some of the questions and clears up some of the rumors circulating. I have learned that when you run for office, people like to make things up about you, and usually the best thing to do is ignore it. After the Primary there were rumors circulating that my mother was on the ballot counting board and other such nonsense. I hope if anyone hears anything about me that makes them uncomfortable voting for me, they will contact me in person for clarification.

I do not want the early voting site at the mall shut down, and hope that a compromise can be reached between the mall, the Election Commission, and the candidates. It is clear to me that the ones causing the problem here are not the candidates, the mall, or the Election Commission, but those who feel threatened by so many reform candidates organizing together and presenting such a clear message for change.

Thanks for reading my novella, "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Mall."

All the best,
Amy Broyles

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I did not close down Jim Greys' office and the computer lab. We did not lock anything up. If Jim Grey told you that he is mistaken.

I do agree that "Greg Mackay and the Deputies" would be a great name for a band.

Amy Broyles's picture

Computer Labs and Bands

Sorry, Greg - I should have been more clear. You poked around and had deputies posted. Mike Moyers had the office and computer lab locked up.

Can you play bass? Or keyboards? I know an excellent drummer - and a guitar player.

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I spoke with Moyers last

I spoke with Moyers last night, and he says he did not have the office and computer lab locked up. He said it was solely Mike Padgett's decision to close it down. And when you think about it, Moyers does not have the authority to do that anyhow.

What Moyers was POed about, however, was literature that had been handed out earlier in the week that identified him as a term-limited incumbent, since he ain't one.

BTW, I didn't know there was a computer lab out there anyhow. What's it for?

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PO's Moyers


"What Moyers was POed about, however, was literature that had been handed out earlier in the week that identified him as a term-limited incumbent, since he ain't one."  So this is why Moyers played Gestopo! No violations, no nothing - they's just dissing him?????? 

The Challengers corrected the Orange Ballot at least once - why not one more time to accomadate the objections of Mr. Moyers.  Rage against the Machine, Betty, not Amy and the others that dare to challenge the Machine.

BTW does anyone really think that a large corporation like Simon Properties is going to knuckle under to an assortment of rude, anonymous phone calls? I don't think that for a minute. They were being squeezed by the Machine (Billy Tindell isn't the only term limited cog feeling the pressure) and decided "who needs this? Everyone out!"

Take Care, Be Good and don't play in the street!


Bbeanster's picture

Wasn't Gestopo the father of

Wasn't Gestopo the father of that little guy whose nose grew every time he told a lie? If you mean Gestapo, you already lost your argument under the established principle that the first one to allude to Hitler to try and win an argument loses. Tired stuff.
That aside, your post makes very little sense to me. The orange "ballot" was misleading at best, deliberately spreading a falsehood at worst, under the guise of voter "education." I'm supposed to sympathize with that? Seems like low-end politics as usual to me, no different from what we already got.
And as for your BTW, it seems to me that the mall management just got sick of playing Simon Says with these folks who were using the clerk's office as home base, capped off by a threatening letter from Jim Andrews.
As I said, I was prepared to vote for Amy. Now, I'm inclined not to, and this barrage of poorly-framed obfuscation isn't likely to sway me.
And even if I accept the notion that they have a 1st Amendment right to hand out their material, even at the risk of disrupting this election, I don't understand why anybody would want to. I'm hearing very little talk about the issues, just a whole bunch of noise about this.

SteveMule's picture

Betty,First, thank you for


First, thank you for correcting the spelling of "Gestapo." And Pinocchio's father was "Geppetto" not Gestopo.

Second, Godwin's Law doesn't apply here. To quote: "Godwin's Law does not dispute whether, in a particular instance, a reference or comparison to Hitler or the Nazis might be apt. It is precisely because such a reference or comparison may sometimes be appropriate, Godwin has argued[citation needed], that hyperbolic overuse of the Hitler/Nazi comparison should be avoided, as it robs the valid comparisons of their impact."  At worst, I may have weakend my argument (its impact) but not its validity.

Seriously Betty, do you really think that if the Orange Ballot listed the names of the term limited candidates (Machine Cogs) there would've been any problem or issue at all? 

The Machine has created an issue and is seeking to cause the blame to fall on the Challengers so that people will do exactly what you are doing - blaming Amy and the other Challengers. Ms. Bean you are being played and I hope you and others will see thru it before you vote.

Take Care, Be Good and don't play in the street!


Bbeanster's picture

uhh, Steve Mule, I was

uhh, Steve Mule, I was kidding you about Pinocchio.

But seriously, using this kind of language is counter-productive and turns a lot of people off -- including me. As I said, I was ready and willing not only to write in Amy, but to vote for Mark Harmon and recommend that the people who ask me about these races do the same. I'm starting to think "None of the Above."

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Moyers deserves to be lumped.

I haven't seen the flyer, but it sounds like it was imprecise only in letter and correct in spirit.  Moyers may not be a term-limited incumbent, but his fingerprints are all over our current election dilemma because he was derelict in his duties as County Mayor.  Thus, lumping him in with the incumbents is understandable, if technically incorrect.

"It's Pit Pat! The magical, pansexual, non-threatening spokesthing!" -- Mr. Show

Bbeanster's picture

Let's see if I am following

Let's see if I am following you:
If you don't like a political candidate, it's OK to lie about him/her and dismiss it as a technicality?

........I haven't seen the flyer, but it sounds like it was imprecise only in letter and correct in spirit. Moyers may not be a term-limited incumbent, but his fingerprints are all over our current election dilemma because he was derelict in his duties as County Mayor. Thus, lumping him in with the incumbents is understandable, if technically incorrect........

Oren Incandenza's picture

Careful what you start...

What I am saying is, including Moyers in the flyer was an understandable error to the extent it was an error at all.  If we're dividing candidates into those who support the "will of the people" (which you claim to support) and those who do not, Moyers has to be placed in the latter category. 

Do you honestly dispute that?  Do you buy Moyers's arguments for his inaction?  If you do, that's almost as disappointing as your regular cheerleading for His Holiness Hutchison.  But then, that's a required qualification for employment at The Halls Shopper, isn't it?

Bbeanster's picture

Here's what I read you

Here's what I read you saying:
If you ask for permission to distribute "educational" literature and guarantee upfront that is is not partisan, notwithstanding that the literature contains a fundamental falsehood about a candidate, it's OK, providing that (in your opinion) the candidate doesn't support the "will of the people."

I've have many discussions about this term limits issue with all kinds of people who hold all kinds of viewpoints, including Moyers, and I do not agree with him about every aspect of this debacle. But I think it is a huge stretch to lay it at his feet. He believes (and I hope I'm saying this right) that his client is Knox County government. He also says that term limits as an issue has not been on anybody's radar screen since the AG Paul Summers' opinion back in the '90s (before Moyers was elected). He says that he didn't have one single question put to him about it the whole time he has been in office. Until the Bailey decision a few months ago, it wasn't used as an issue in any election -- and that includes the 2002 sheriff's election when Jim Andrews took on that Root of All Evil Hutchison.

When the appeals court overturned the Shelby County Chancery Court last fall and the Supreme Court agreed to take on the issue, Moyers sent a memo to every member of County Commission telling them that this decision would be binding on Knox County as well. When the decision came down, he immediately said it applied to every member of Knox County Commission who has served two consecutive terms. They were ready to lynch him for that, and several of them (John Mills comes to mind) ran around saying that all of this would've "blown over if Moyers had kept his big mouth shut."

If I were going to fault him for something, it's for being more cautious than I would like. Sounds like you would have had him be more activist. That is a legitimate debating point, but, depending on his answers, it is not, to my thinking, a hanging offense.

Lying is.

All political disagreements involve one side thinking another side is wrong. Unfortunately, some folks assume that that also makes their opponents evil, and deserving of any kind of swiftboating attacks that can be lobbed their way. I've never had much respect for such folks.

And finally, I don't lose much sleep over disappointing pseudoanonymous messageboard posters.

Oren Incandenza's picture


Ms. Bean, I would submit Moyers's client is not just the county government, and that his saying so evidences a crabbed view of his position.  His client was and is the county, period, and that includes the voters who overwhelmingly voted for term limits.  While Shelby County's lawyers were working to clarify the confusing legal issues around charters and term limits, Knox County's lawyers, including Moyers, sat idly by.  He and his predecessors could have sought to join the Shelby County lawsuit.  They could have filed a separate one for this county.  He and his predecessors did not.  They deserve no pass for that, and it is no stretch to lay some -- definitely not all, but some -- of the blame for this morass at their feet. 

Moyers deserves credit for speaking up at the last minute, I suppose, but that's almost like giving a Boy Scout a merit badge for telling the truth.  At that point he had no choice -- his ethical obligations compelled him to give those he deemed his "clients" the bad news when it became indisputable.

I submit that a better lawyer, a lawyer more in tune with his true clients and constituency, would have sought judicial clarification on the issue sooner, not later.

I don't think Moyers is evil, but I do think he was wrong.  I believe that I have consistently said so without ever calling him evil, or anything close.  I do believe he's intellectually dishonest in trying to claim a pass on this issue, and I believe I've set forth a reasoned discussion of why.

But you, conversely, go a step further.  You are accusing the Orange Ballot crowd (and, I guess, me) of "swiftboating" Moyers and flat-out lying about him. 

Seizing on a minor error like this and calling it a lie, or accusing those with whom you disagree of "swiftboating," is as over-the-top rhetorically as playing the Hitler/Nazis card, and surely you know it.

SteveMule is right: the local media, including you, are being played by the courthouse cronies who are so desperate to stay in power they will elevate form over substance.  I notice you don't address that point, and I guess now that Scripps owns your employer I shouldn't expect you to do so.

Bbeanster's picture

Seizing on a minor error

Seizing on a minor error like this and calling it a lie, or accusing those with whom you disagree of "swiftboating," is as over-the-top rhetorically as playing the Hitler/Nazis card, and surely you know it.

SteveMule is right: the local media, including you, are being played by the courthouse cronies who are so desperate to stay in power they will elevate form over substance. I notice you don't address that point, and I guess now that Scripps owns your employer I shouldn't expect you to do so.---

There you go again.
There are two candidates running for an office that has been vacanted by a long-serving incumbent. Neither of those candidates (Moyers or Andrews) can, by any stretch of logic or fact, be considered a term-limited incumbent. Your response, that such a representation may be "technically" untrue doesn't begin to excuse it.

You are certainly entitled to argue the merits of the job he has done as law director, but that's not what this piece of educational literature did. It misled, whether intentionally or not.

BTW, as long as you insist on taking personal shots at me, Orin Incandenza is not a particularly inspiring literary character. Maybe that's why you don't spell his name right.

Oren Incandenza's picture


You, too have read "Infinite Jest."  The misspelling arose because "orinincandenza" was already taken at gmail, as were "halincandenza" and some others from the book, so I lazily misspelled Orin to move along.  I hope David Foster Wallace will forgive me.

Your literary knowledge is no surprise.  Rest assured it gives me zero joy to snipe at you, Ms. Bean.  I've said before and will say again that you're a terrific writer and one of the most enterprising journalists around, maybe even the last one in town.  I don't agree with you on everything; I don't agree with anyone on everything.  But I believe you're wide of the mark here and need to be called out, in part because we need someone with your reporting skills to assess who ultimately benefits from this particular set of campaign gripes.  It isn't the challengers. 

At the end of the analysis, the incumbents want to stifle debate and will seize any chance to do so.  They can't win any arguments on the merits, so it's better for them not to argue at all.

And Rikki, I respectfully disagree with your depiction of the attorneys' roles, just as I disagree with Moyers's depiction.  One more time: Moyers is not solely responsible for this, and I've never said he is, but it is wrong for him to wash his hands of it entirely.  I'd respect him a lot more if he'd say something like, "Yes, I had an opportunity to advocate for the resolution of this issue sooner, but in my judgment it was not worthwhile to do so for x reasons."  His statements to date indicate that he viewed his role as strictly an order-taker, and you don't want any attorney who takes that approach to his or her practice.

Bbeanster's picture

Moyers aside, I was, until

Moyers aside, I was, until yesterday, most interested in seeing Amy get elected, and I think she is messing up severely. Move outside the echo chamber of this messageboard and read the Georgianna Vines column on page 2-B. Then read the Knoxville Center story at the bottom of the page and see if you honestly think this kind of horseshit  controversy is helpful.

I don't know who her advisors are, but I submit that I do know who she should be listening to.

She should be seeking out somebody who has actually been elected twice in this district. The person I've got in mind has proven three times over a decade that she knows how to connect with folks in this part of town, and she's the first person I'd call if I (heaven forfend) lost my mind and decided to run for office.

Madeline Rogero was getting elected before the players in this Knoxville Center drama ever set foot in this low-rise burg.

StaceyDiamond's picture


Madeline endorsed Amy and is an advisor.

rikki's picture

Betty is right. Moyers is

Betty is right. Moyers is running for chancellor, so it's obviously inaccurate to call him an incumbent. Since law director is not on this year's ballot, he is not term-limited.

As far as his role in the term limit litigation goes, it seems like some people are confusing law director with district attorney. It's the DA who has the authority to bring suits on behalf of the people, ouster suits, for example. Law director serves county officials. If the commission or mayor or sheriff had ordered him to join Knox County into the Bailey case, he would have had no choice but to do so, regardless of his personal thoughts on the matter. The time for the law director to have sought a ruling on term limits was before Moyers held that position (though he was an assistant in that office at the time). There was a ruling, actually, regarding whether term limits would be retroactive or not, which implies that no one questioned their validity back then.

Moyers is a scapegoat. It's the commission and mayor who are ultimately responsible for neglecting to stand up for the will of the people.

Regarding the mall, there has obviously been either a change in policy or a change in enforcement. This effort to shut down the polling place reflects horribly on the mall, and I hope there are protests or boycotts. Betty, I don't understand why you aren't digging into the machinations that lead to the mall changing its stance. That seems like just the kind of thing you would be the first to decipher.

Given Jim Gray's recent resignation and his employer's expressed dissatifaction with his belief that term limits apply to all county officers, Padgett included, I have to wonder about Padgett's role in the drama. This stinks of Democratic infighting. 

Justin's picture

I wonder if the old Just For

I wonder if the old Just For Feet store (stand alone store outside the JC Penney's parking lot) is still vacant? Might be a nifty idea to buy/lease it and remodel. Helluva lot more room than what they currently have.

Rachel's picture

Ok, here's my thing:This

Ok, here's my thing:

This whole deal is one of those lovely Knoxville things where everybody involved looks bad to some extent. 

Voting has gone on at East Town (or Knoxville Offcenter as the spouse likes to call it) for YEARS.  Although it is private property, and the mall mgt can limit free speech there if it chooses, political campaigning has been allowed (outside the 100 foot limit) up until this year.

This year folks were passing out what they called voter information sheets.  Others call it campaigning.  People called the mall to complain (suspicion is that most of the complainers were supporters of the candidate being implicitly campaigned against, but this is unconfirmable).  Mall management eventually responded by telling the EC to move the polling place.

The Election Commission shouldn't put polling places on private property unless the owner agrees to let folks campaign up to the 100 foot limit.  Like Betty, such campaigning makes zero impression on me, but I still think the rules should be the same at each polling place.

If the mall couldn't live with this, it should have objected YEARS ago, rather than waiting until some candidate decided to make it a controversy.  It's bad enough for them to shut down the campaining; to call for moving the polling place in the middle of an election just plain sucks.

The people passing out the so-called "orange ballots" are being disengenuous about voter "education."  Welcome to politics.

Billy Tindell is a wuss.  He'd look better if he'd just gone out to the mall and campaigned as well, instead of trying to shut the other campaigning down.

I have no idea what's going on with Moyers, Padgett, Gray, etc. but it all sounds icky.  It gives one no confidence in county govt.  In fact, this whole thing gives voters no confidence in govt, candidates, or private enterprise.

That's my understanding of the facts and my opinion thereon; somebody let me know if I get the facts wrong (and feel free to bitch about my opinion).

R. Neal's picture

That seems like a pretty

That seems like a pretty fair assessment. I would add:

a) For the first time in years, there is an organized, and some might say effective (maybe up until now), campaign against the status quo. This is new territory. The status quo has never seen this before, the media doesn't know what to think about it, and the mall people never had to deal with it.

b) While their enthusiasm and energy and "scrappiness" is to be commended, some of the candidates, who are also in new territory, seem to be pushing the envelope until there is a push back, testing for boundaries. Which is OK, as long as they don't keep pushing until they are out of bounds, and as long as those pushing back stay in bounds, too.

c) You are correct that nobody looks good in all this. Unfortunately, the scrappy, envelope-pushing challengers are likely to get tagged for it in the media and the court of public opinion.

P.S. and..

d) This is a distraction from the serious issues in this election.

Number9's picture

The positive part for me is

The positive part for me is the acknowledgement that there is a political machine in Knox County and it is bi-partisan. People seem shocked that Billy Tindell is part of the machine. He was on the ground floor.

All polling places should have the same rights period. If it means a loss of convenience then too bad. The machine takes away rights incrementally. It doesn't seem so bad until you think about all the rights you have lost.

The machine is slick, very well funded, and professional looking.

I get what Betty is talking about but I will stick with the new comers. They are making mistakes but they are closer to what the people need than the slick machine we have now.

Who do you want to be there when you have to go to County Commission? The "professional listeners" we have now or regular people like yourself? It is not a lifestyle. Billy needs to be retired.

Don't rage against the machine, fire the machine. You're the boss and you can do it with your vote.

Rachel's picture

Quoth the digit: "The

Quoth the digit: "The positive part for me is the acknowledgement that there is a political machine in Knox County.."

This machine, of course, does not include the digit's hero, Shurf Tim.

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