Dec 2 2018
10:09 am

Most recently North Carolina, Georgia, Florida. And all the ones we have not heard of, or have not been exposed. And the Russian stuff. Voting administration in America in general seems to be a mess.

After a lengthy closed session, the bipartisan state board announced that it had instead decided, on a 7-to-2 vote, to hold an evidentiary hearing on or before Dec. 21 to explore “claims of numerous irregularities and concerted fraudulent activities” related to absentee ballots in some rural swaths of the district, which wraps around the southern end of the state from Charlotte to east of Fayetteville.

North Carolina Election That Looked to Be Republican Victory Now in Limbo

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Wow! That looks bad.

As the first commenter says:

Jack Crosbie
11/30/18 8:15pm
So it turns out the Republicans are right: there is election fraud.

The twist is that it is the Republicans committing it.

Extra special bonus: voter ID laws won’t stop this kind of fraud.


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Washington Post: The

Washington Post:

The Democratic chairman of the state elections board in North Carolina resigned Saturday, saying he did not want his partisan views to undermine a widening investigation into alleged election fraud in the 9th Congressional District race.

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Unusual pattern of signatures emerges as North Carolina ...

As North Carolina officials investigate allegations that absentee ballots were tampered with in a tight congressional race, a review of some of those ballots revealed many were signed by the same small group of people -- some of whom are connected to a longtime operative working for the Republican candidate's campaign.

Unusual pattern of signatures emerges as North Carolina probes allegations in House race

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Seems a safe bet this has not

Seems a safe bet this has not only happened in this area

The man at the center of an election fraud investigation in a North Carolina congressional race turned in nearly half of the requests for absentee ballots in a single county, records released Tuesday by the state's elections board show.

Man at center of North Carolina election fraud probe turned in hundreds of absentee ballot requests

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So after all the Republican

So after all the Republican panic about non-existent voter fraud, it turns out there's actual Republican election fraud. Imagine that.

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Why Voting Anomalies Are Impossible to Ignore in North Carolina

In other states, a similar pattern could be much harder to notice. That’s because North Carolina has better publicly available election data than just about anywhere else. Bladen and Robeson Counties are only one-seventh of the Ninth, and North Carolina’s mail absentee vote is small as a share of the overall vote. A few hundred ballots stand out in such a small pool. It would be much harder to detect if such an effort had been spread over the whole district, or if the mail absentee votes were a larger share of votes cast, as is the case in many states.

Why Voting Anomalies Are Impossible to Ignore in North Carolina

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North Carolina elections board dissolves before certifying race

Though the board has dissolved, board staffers can continue to work on the investigation, but they will not be able to issue subpoenas, hold hearings or call for a new election, said Josh Lawson, the board's general counsel.

North Carolina elections board dissolves before certifying November results of 9th district race

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Worker details alleged ballot fraud in North Carolina election

Britt stated she was paid at least $150 per 50 absentee ballots she collected. Collecting absentee ballots is illegal in North Carolina.

She also admitted that she signed absentee ballots as a witness when she did not witness the voter filling it out. Britt said she forged her mother's signature on between seven and nine ballots to "not raise red flags" that the same people were signed as witnesses on too many absentee ballots.
Britt testified that, following the election, Dowless invited workers to his home and told them not to admit to collecting ballots.

Worker details alleged ballot fraud in North Carolina election board hearing

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