Mar 9 2009
12:02 pm

Georgiana Vines has the latest on pending changes at the Knox Co. Election Commission. Be sure to check out the back and forth between Burchett and Campfield.

There are more rumblings that the new Republican controlled Election Commission will replace Greg Mackay. That would be a huge mistake. Not sure if that helps or hurts coming from KnoxViews, though.

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Burchett vs Campfield

Campfield is a bonafide idiot. I am not a fan of burchett's either, but I'd take Roadkill over that redheaded stepchild ANY day of the week.

Bbeanster's picture

Mackay is going to be

Mackay is going to be replaced. He would not have been considered for the job if he'd been a Republican, and now that the worm has turned, the Republicans want this patronage job for their own.

Democrats have no room to complain about politics in this matter, since two of the very best EC members we've ever had -- Anne Woodle and David Eldridge -- lost their positions for voting for Greg instead of for Mark Brown's sister-in-law. Ironically, this office, which should be absolutely non-partisan, is just foul with partisan politics, and is run for the benefit of the two major political parties, not the voters.

Greg has done his very best to change this, and lots of Republicans agree that he has done as good a job of straightening out that office as is humanly possible, considering the hyper-political nature of the beast (jobs occupied by people whose primary qualification is being friends of Joe Armstrong, for example).

The most sensible thing a new administrator could do is keep Greg on as the #2 guy. He has set the bar pretty high.

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I remember this office

I remember this office before Greg; it was an unholy mess. Greg did indeed set the bar high, and if Republicans valued competence over patronage, they'd keep him on. (And yes, the Democrats put in Democrats but notice Betty's comments about Woodle & Eldridge - they wanted COMPETENCY).

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election commission

the meeting to pick a republican election commissoner to be held in Nashville in secert so Senator Timmy (roadkill) Burchett can put in his pick down in nashville. This should be done in Knoxville on Friday so we all could see the process not behind closed doors shame on all the knox county delegation.

bob1492's picture

election commission

wha is Sen. Burchett and the rest of the bunch trying to do, having this selection process done in Nashville.
If he becomes Mayor is this the way he will do business behind closed doors
in serect.
Senator have this meeting in Knoxville where the people of Knox County can be part of it.
By the way ,replace all of the Republican electon commisioners with new people.

bill jones's picture


Senator is this the kind of leadership you would use as mayor shame on you.
Dont put the same election commisioners back in,replace them ,just look at the way they handled the charter amend.
I agree with Stacey Campfield have the meeting in knoxville.

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My, my, listen to all the

My, my, listen to all the little Staceys come out to play.

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I'd say they all went to the

I'd say they all went to the same correspondence school.

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