Oct 30 2023
08:34 am

Victor Ashe really lets Burchett have it in his opinion piece for the Shopper News. (link...)

bizgrrl's picture

Wow! Well said.

Wow! Well said.

Mark Harmon's picture

Another point

Yes, a really good article. One could add that retrospectively Renee Hoyos or Mark Harmon look like a much better alternative.

yellowdog's picture


They were better alternatives when they ran.

WhitesCreek's picture


My thoughts as well. Victor played up Matlock, who is just more open about his wingnuttery, when he should look at who would best represent the constituents. Republicans aren't good at that unless you know their constituents are wealthy folks and corps.

fischbobber's picture


The reference to Matlock didn't make much sense to me either. Matlock campaigned to the right of everybody. Maybe we should talk to someone at Fisher Tire about running, if we're going to start electing tire merchants.

R. Neal's picture

I will never ever buy tires

I will never ever buy tires from Matlock. Or Ashe. Or Burchett. Or vote for them.

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