Too bad that couldn't have been with company in Tennessee.

The University of Tennessee said Monday they would build three new dorms, adding 2,500 beds for students by 2026.

They also said they found additional housing through a five-year master lease agreement with Lakemoor Station Apartments in South Knoxville,...

UT building three new dorms, signs lease agreement with South Knoxville apartment complex

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Interesting. They say they

Interesting. They say they are adding 192 beds at Lakemoor Station Apartments. The complex was announced with 240 units. Wonder how many are to be allotted to UT.

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Lakemoor Station Apartments

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Looks like every other

Looks like every other apartment complex being built.

No fast food, gas, convenience store, etc., etc. near those apartments. No bike access to anything as well without putting your life in danger.

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UT used to own two housing

UT used to own two housing projects in South Knoxville within easy biking distance of campus: Woodlawn and Taliwa. Both were sold off in the late 80s or early 90s, Taliwa to the Mondays. Taliwa was a post-war Bauhaus-style complex with yellow brick facades, steel casement windows, and hardwood flooring - a great candidate for restoration and adaptive reuse.

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I remember both of those

I remember both of those apartments. Definitely much better locations.

There used to be a large complex off of Sutherland Avenue. They tore them down to make sports fields. Great location for apartments and right on the bus line.

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Yep, that would have been a

Yep, that would have been a great site for new housing. Another example of short-sighted UT decision making.

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There is a big lot on Concord

There is a big lot on Concord Street close to Tyson Park that seems like a good location for student housing. Walkable to campus. It's empty and for sale. Wondering if UT will buy it and build.

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Locating student housing near

Locating student housing near the sports fields on Sutherland would be a perfect area. Plenty of nearby grocery stores, pharmacies, and other shops. The Third Creek Greenway connect to UT's main campus and KAT has a Sutherland route.

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