Sep 29 2020
11:52 am
By: michael kaplan

I sent the following message to Senator Marsha Blackburn and Rep. Tim Burchett regarding mail service at the South Knoxville branch post office. I received a confirmation from Blackburn, and nothing from Burchett.

The post office at 137 E Young High Pike, Knoxville, TN 37920, used to have two outdoor mailboxes and now has only one. Today, Sunday, September 27, at 4 pm, I went to mail two letters, but couldn't insert them into the one remaining mailbox because it was full, with letters falling out the opening. It's time to restore full mail service in Knoxville, including full counter hours on Saturdays. The post office serves, and is appreciated by, our community, and for it to be undermined by the current administration is insulting and outrageous.

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Isn't there a local post

Isn't there a local post office person to contact as well?

Pretty absurd. Why get rid of the second box?

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It's been a subject of

It's been a subject of national news over the last couple of months. Actually, the removal of boxes began in 2016 as a cost-saving measure.

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It's been a subject of

It's been a subject of national news over the last couple of months.

Really? We didn't know that. Link?

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It's been in the news for years

Do a search. There's been continual pressure by FedEx and UPS for USPS to contract out services. I believe a portion of Priority Mail and Global Express are contracted out to FedEx. The following is from USA Today.


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You have to go back farther than you've gone to see just how much of a welfare program the USPS has been running for the private sector in the transportation industry.

Go back to the nineties when USPS was mandated to fill up empty Fed-Ex planes with first class mail to keep Fed-Ex from going bankrupt.

There are, and have been, a lot of shady deals going on. Everyone has got their fingers in the pie.

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I've run into the same issue

I've run into the same issue there. It's ridiculius!!! How is removing needed mailboxes, a cost saving measure? They are already in place and need little or no maintenance. I see it as nothing more than Post Office sabotage. I don't put the blame on the local post offices, I feel the pressure is coming from corporate competitors to destroy there main competition. This deal of privatizing all the government entities that are basically necessities of life, is borderline criminal.

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DeJoy stands to potentially

DeJoy stands to potentially make millions from his and Trump's demise of the USPS.

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Sorry for using "there" in

Sorry for using "there" in place of "their". I usually try to be a stickler on the proper use of the words.

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postal service creed

"Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds"


I guess that needs to be amended to read ..."except in case of government corruption".

Who knows what they'll farm out next!

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USPS update

October 5, 2020

Dear Mr. Kaplan,

Thank you for contacting me with your concerns about the operations of the United States Postal Service (USPS). It is an honor to serve in Washington on behalf of the Second District, and I appreciate your support for ensuring efficient mail service.

Like you, I have serious concerns with the operational efficiency of USPS. On August 17, 2020, I sent letters to Postmaster General DeJoy and House Speaker Pelosi to share my opposition to recent changes at USPS. You may find information about all these letters here. On August 18, 2020, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy announced he was halting changes that were negatively impacting post office operations and mail delivery until after the November election. In his statement, he affirmed the Post Office retail hours will not change, mail processing equipment and blue collection boxes will not be moved, and all mail processing facilities will remain open and overtime will be approved as needed. I am proud that I was able to help address this issue, and I will continue to advocate for responsible policies to improve postal service in the US House of Representatives.

As a fiscal conservative, I strongly support commonsense reforms to improve efficiency, protect access, and ensure the long-term financial viability of USPS. That is why, in April 2020, I also sent a letter to President Trump stressing the importance of implementing comprehensive postal reform to meet the rapidly changing needs of the American public. That being said, the U.S. House of Representatives does not directly handle the operations of the United States Postal Service. If you would like to contact USPS share these concerns directly, you may email them here.

Please let me know if I may assist you with any issues in the future.


Tim Burchett

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