Rep. Burchett introduces bill aimed at getting people back to work, protecting public health.

Businesses that adhere to these established guidelines will be offered some civil liability protection under federal law.

So, if your employer opens back up, you are required to go back to work. You can't get unemployment. No matter that you are afraid your employer is not following the established guidelines to protect employees, you have to go back to work. Who then is going to ensure employers follow the established guidelines. OSHA? Hah! They've been great at protecting meat processing plant workers.

No one is protecting the workers right now. Ask the healthcare workers around the country. Sheesh.

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Not trying to be contrary......

But Tim's Bill does bring the CDC back into the picture. Trump has all but shut them out. And he does have a point, without proper (written) notice and response protocol, we may be getting pretty close to anarchy. I've been pretty hard, but fair, on Tim for his partisan approach to this crisis. And he's earned that criticism.But to be fair, this bill doesn't do a whole lot for businesses that aren't abiding by the rules. One would presume there could be a sister bill in the Tennessee legislature restoring unemployment to employees that have filed immediately after giving written notice.

I think this is a well written, non-partisan bill. It represents a real change in the way Tim is approaching this crisis. If it truly is the result of an epiphany, that would be a great thing for our District in the coming months. We need someone able to reach across the aisle and get help for what looks to be a major first wave outbreak in the coming months.

Six bars open on my way home. SMH. We're going to need Tim. I have a feeling that this is going to end badly. I agree with Officer Ronald. (link...)

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Dreaming... Sure, all that


Sure, all that sounds good. I don't have much confidence on how the federal government is working right now, especially when it comes to the working people.

OSHA, as I said has left the meat processing workers behind.

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I agree 100%

But if we don't have the legal infrastructure in place when the cow pies hit the oscillating device, the system will be even worse off. Now is the time to get a reporting mechanism in place, and the CDC should be involved. Regardless of what comes out of committee, this bill is a solid first step.

And in fairness to Tim, I have to say that if Congress as a whole makes as big a step for non-partisan bills that deal with the nuts and bolts of running things as Tim has, we have a shot of getting through this. Tennessee is fixing to be a disaster. So far, Tim has been kinda out there in denialville. This bill is a notable, welcome turn of events.

It sounds like all the agencies in charge of regulations at meat-packing plants are getting over-ruled by the executive branch higher ups. That's just based on normal vs. what's happening.

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Maybe you're right. Hope so.

Maybe you're right. Hope so. On the other hand Burchett said on Twitter last night that he has co-sponsored this bill:


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Having to learn too much stuff.

This looks like it applies to places like Benton's and some deer processors. I would have to defer to someone more familiar than I with these sorts of operations to have an informed opinion though. I do know, I'm in the process of trying to establish a household supply line through one of these sorts of facilities. I see food shortages on the horizon.

It could be that Tim see his and our collective futures based on common sense legislation that benefits us all. I don't do twitter, so I'd be the wrong guy to ask. I do know that his last facebook entry was decidedly non-partisan and that his bill made sense. I'm beginning to get a sense that he is beginning to recognize the magnitude of the problem we're facing. I'm hopeful, anyway.

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Yeah, yeah, we like Burchett.

Yeah, yeah, we like Burchett. He's a right good ole boy. We can only hope he does right by the people.

Not sure why they need less inspections. Plenty of people need jobs.

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Agreed. One thing the crisis has done is expose just what a sh**y job Trump has done at administrating the executive branch. Funding for the training and salaries of additional inspectors needs to be added to this bill. I'd be willing to bet that inspectors have been cut, either by attrition or firing since Trump has taken office.

Good point.

As for Tim, he's been struggling in Washington. He hardly seems like the same guy that reached across the aisle and voted for Naifeh (sp) because it was the right thing to do. As for me, I'll rip Tim or give him credit for doing something right as circumstances dictate.

This situation will go on a while and a bi-partisan approach to Covid-19 strikes me as the quickest way to really come to solutions.

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This situation will go on a

This situation will go on a while and a bi-partisan approach to Covid-19 strikes me as the quickest way to really come to solutions.

You do realize that bi-partisan anything is not possible while Trump and McConnell are in charge, right?

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Yeah, it's a risk.

But it's a pretty well written bill. And if it's passed and administrated in good faith to the benefit of the constituent, it could and should well work. It simply defines how an instance shall be adjudicated.

And I thought of Trump and McConnell while considering this bill. And I thought, what about this bill would need to be changed if Democrats swept it all and had total control. Best as I could figure, the answer was nothing.

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Grievance procedure.

Tim's Bill establishes a grievance and response protocol for employees and businesses. It basically says you must follow a written protocol to retain you right to sue. It's much like my union's grievance protocol.

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