Jul 21 2006
09:14 pm

Via Steve Gillard:


Offspring to one of the wealthiest southern political black families, Congressman Harold Ford Jr. of Tennessee has stated in the past that he believes he personally benefited from the affirmative action at the University of Michigan. But last night, the young bachelor was seen kissing and holding hands with a white brunette woman at the hot meatpacking restaurant Sascha the other night. The two were dining on the Gansevoort terrace with another inter-racial couple and passersby on Gansevoort who are familiar with the representative were upset at the jungle fever since the Ford political family pride themselves on their black southern heritage and obtaining more rights for the black citizens in the backward state where many blacks still feel discriminated.

The source of this drivel?

According to Gawker, it came from a public relations firm in New York City.

The Fancy Ford campaign is alive and well.

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I dread the fall campaign.

I dread the fall campaign. There's going to be some awful, disgusting racist crap flung at Ford. By whichever good Christian GOP candidate he happens to face.

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The Gawker has an update about the PR Firm that put out the press release. The owner of the firm Rubenstein, is a Democrat, but no one knows who the author of the press release was. Either way, in this day and age, this is a disgusting piece of drivel that should never be released by a self respecting company.

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 Heck, this is just

 Heck, this is just Republican campaigning in action...this is their modus operandi. They have no actual substance to their platform beyond "do what we tell you to do and ignore that we don't do it ourselves", so they ALWAYS resort to their fallback position as defined by Karl Rovian politics...smear, smear, smear...the sad thing is most people won't even bother to think for themselves and question who is doing the talking and WHY they are doing the talking.

If the public ever does wake up and start asking even the most simple of questions, the Republicans will be shaking in their shoes and running for the nearest hidey-hole. They count on being able to play the public mostly because they have no respect for the intelligence of the average person, they think the average person is dumber than a bag of hammers and they are quite happy to keep them that way. Personally I would think that the average person would get tired of being thought of as a dumbbell by the Republican party.

"You can't fix stupid..." Ron White

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But last night...the other

But last night...the other night.

Are we sure Brian Hornback didn't write this?

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