May 25 2019
06:43 am

Over the last few decades, Americans have become less mobile, and most adults – especially those with less education or lower incomes — do not venture far from their hometowns.
Over all, the median distance Americans live from their mother is 18 miles, and only 20 percent live more than a couple of hours’ drive from their parents.
The United States offers less government help for caregiving than many other rich countries. Instead, extended families are providing it, whether they never moved apart, or moved back closer when the need arose.

Families live closest to their mothers in Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, New York, and Tennessee.

Aging baby boomers and childcare are reportedly contributors to less mobility.

During the 1983 recession, we moved 600 miles away from family for job opportunities. My mother and father moved 400-800+ miles from their families due to WWII. My husband's parents moved 200 miles from their parents for education opportunities.

Sometimes, for some people, a move is just not possible. It cost a lot of money to move and then you have to have enough when you get to your destination to survive for a while. We sold our little fishing boat for $800 and a job was waiting.


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