Apr 17 2017
07:16 am

NYT: Toxic leaks at TVA Gallatin coal-fired power plant...

The Gallatin power plant is facing citizens’ complaints and two major lawsuits over its handling of coal ash. One suit, filed in 2015 by an environmental advocacy group in federal court, says the utility violated the Clean Water Act by allowing toxic leaks from its coal ash disposal ponds. A second, also filed in 2015, by the state’s attorney general and its environmental enforcement agency, asserts that the Tennessee Valley Authority broke state pollution laws and endangered public health.

TVA responded by saying the toxic leaks are allowed under state law. Under the Trump administration, the EPA is delaying enforcement of a 2015 rule regulating coal ash while it reconsiders the rule.

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Toxic leaks allowed under

Toxic leaks allowed under state law? We are fortunate.

No wonder Trump got the Tennessee vote. Tennesseans apparently don't care about the ​health and welfare of citizens either.

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