Nov 3 2023
06:45 am

Inspired by his birthplace and his father’s stories about TVA, [Walt] Simonson later used those initials to name an organization that became an iconic entity in Marvel’s hit show, Loki.

"The Time Variance Authority."

“My dad liked the TVA because they brought cheap electricity to the areas they served,” Simonson said. “He also liked the idea that the surrounding electric companies couldn’t raise their rates as much, because they were in direct competition with TVA."
Loki season two premiered Oct. 5 on Disney+
As Loki’s season unfolds, so do the connections between the Time Variance Authority – keepers of time – and Tennessee Valley Authority.

“Back in the analog days when old clocks were plugged into walls, the electric grid had to be kept at a certain timing,” Brickey said. “And if it wasn't, the clocks would speed up or slow down.

“So, the saying was that Tennessee Valley Authority controlled time.”


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