May 13 2017
09:12 am
By: R. Neal  shortURL

Explosive New Documentary From The Netherlands: The first installment of the investigative reporting series, produced by Zembla, does what no American TV network has yet dared to do—take a deep look at the organized crime links and corrupt international business strategies used by Trump and his partners in his properties.

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I just came across an interesting quote from Trump biographer D'Antonio to explain his (Trump's) self-destructive addiction to Twitter:

D’Antonio likened Trump to a junkie whose drug is attention and the instant rush he gets from Twitter is too powerful a high for him to give up or even control his need for.

“Trump, who has long been addicted to attention, had found a new, super-potent form of it in social media. This hit was not only powerful; it was available in an endless supply that he could access at will,” he wrote.

He finished with a disturbing image of Trump as a mindless animal in a behavioral experiment.

“He no longer had to manipulate journalists and wait for them to act. He could tap out a few words and get what he wanted immediately. It reminded me of psychologist B.F. Skinner’s experiments with chickens that learned to push a button with their beaks for the reward of a food pellet. Once they had trained themselves, the birds couldn’t stop pecking even when the pellets no longer came and they injured themselves,” he said.

“Like Skinner’s animal subjects,” he concluded. “Trump has learned to get what he wants. No matter who criticizes him, no matter the consequences, he will keep doing it. Those who ask if he will stop scouring the press for evidence of enemies and using his power in an indiscriminate ways should stop thinking of him as a conventional politician and start looking at him as a chicken.”

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Conspiracy Fun

The alphabet agencies have been steering public perception, ergo policy, since the final two presidential candidates became known.

It was known what type hit the Clinton campaign took when the first round of the email scandals hit the news. Ten days before the election, the same balloon is floated, adding in a little Weiner to really get people's attention. Clinton loses. Why? Aside from issues with the Clinton Foundation or the Party's usurping of the political process, I can't offer even a conspiratorial guess.

Regardless, it seems clear the intelligence community steered things toward Trump. Who, per this story and countless others, is and has been completely compromised.

Again, why?

Michael Hayden has been on CNN several times discussing how Trump has turned the world order on its head. A world order President Bush (41) discussed here before congress in 1991; (link...)
Bill Clinton discusses it here; (link...)

For decades and various presidents, this has been the policy and the work of the intelligence agencies.

So why would the intelligence community shoot down the candidacy of a world order candidate in favor of one they knew had ties that would dismantle their work?

To publicly and embarrassingly take him out in effort to make him, the idea of him and any notion of his future ideas a cautionary tale.

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Part 2

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