Jul 6 2018
12:20 pm
By: bizgrrl

The [trucking] industry reports a growing labor shortage - 63,000 open positions this year, a number expected to more than double in coming years - that could have wide-ranging impacts on the American economy.

Nearly every item sold in America touches a truck at some point, which explains why the challenges facing the industry, including trucking companies rapidly raising prices as they raise wages, have special power to affect the entire economy.
Trucking remains one of the most dangerous professions in America. There were over 1,000 fatalities among motor vehicle operators in 2016, according to the U.S. Labor Department, meaning being a commercial driver is nearly eight times as deadly as being a law enforcement officer.

Several of our friends have been truck drivers through the years. It is hard work and you have to want to travel, a lot.

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Wages for truckers, taking

Wages for truckers
, taking inflation into account, have fallen since 2003. As of last year, they were down
nearly 3 percent.

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