Jun 28 2006
06:06 pm

The people of Coopertown have apparently had enough. And check out the official complaint (PDF format), especially the part about the lemonade stand. Yikes!

rikki's picture


If the citizens of Coopertown duly elect a racist dipshit mayor, don't they have the right to live under racist dipshit rule? It only seems fair given that the entire country has had to live under theiving cocksucker rule going on six years, and the cocksucker wasn't even duly elected.

Fuck the people of Coopertown. They made their bed. Fuck the people of the United States. Fuck everyone who doesn't actually have any power. Fuck all of you little pisant citizen people things. What are you going to do about it, you stupid fucks? Vote for term limits? This country deserves all the Danny Crosbies it can vote for, and all the David Crosbies too. 

 btw, this post contains racial slurs, sexual references and other languages people might find offensive. But fuck them.

Rex Sexington's picture

I especially enjoyed the cattle herding

With the Cooperstown Police cruiser. Now that's comedy!

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