Jul 11 2020
06:18 am

Rep. Kent Calfee (71), R-Kingston (Roane County), said on Facebook on Friday afternoon he and his wife had tested positive.

Rep. Calfee is not experiencing symptoms.
However, his wife is being treated.

He " was in the Cordell Hull legislative office building as recently as last week, when he attended two days of Joint Government Operations Committee meetings. Only a few lawmakers on the 24-member committee worse masks. "
After Calfee's positive test became public, Rep. Gloria Johnson, D-Knoxville, said on Twitter she was in the same committee as him for 10 hours last week. She noted Calfee was not wearing a mask.
The test results come ... days after Cleveland Mayor Kevin Brooks (who was hospitalized late last month), who led a prayer in the House on June 18, tested positive for COVID-19. Brooks shook hands with several of his colleagues that day.
As recently as June 27, Calfee attended a Loudon County Republican Party headquarters opening that was also attended by Lt. Gov. Randy McNally, R-Oak Ridge, state Rep. Lowell Russell, R-Vonore, U.S. Rep. Tim Burchett, and GOP U.S. Senate candidate Bill Hagerty.

Contact tracing....

Many thanks to our legislature for being dumb as dirt.

Be careful out there.

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Knox County Glenn Jacobs asks

Knox County Glenn Jacobs asks everyone to be kind to everyone, even those not wearing a mask.

Of course we'll be kind. We'll quickly try to escape their presence.
There is no place for face-to-face confrontations.
However, I do think it important to inform local government and business management when it is known that certain people are abusing our rights to be safe from the Covid.

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We know

We know the vast majority of the people not wearing masks are simply selfish Trumpers wishing to shove their nasty diseases into our face. We know this because Mayor Jacobs started and continues to feed his mob heaping piles of BS about freedom and rights without being able to define either.

We also know there are folks suffering from ailments (PTSD comes to mind) that would preclude them from wearing a mask. We know Mayor Jacobs has turned these folks into objects of scorn and that they are the first casualties of his culture war. They will be judged by others in the public arena without due consideration. Unfortunately Mayor Jacobs has integrated these folks into his mob without their consent and I see a major challenge in the coming months adjusting to their needs in the next lockdown.

We're due to run out of hospital capacity in mid-to late August. Perhaps Mayor Jacobs could see it in his heart to be kind to those he would kill by neglect by pulling his head out of wherever it is and endorsing the community-wide use of masks. Mayor Jacobs clearly thinks holding him accountable for his decisions in being unkind. Most people would consider holding an elected official accountable would be considered fair.

Watch out for his super spreader event at The Cove in Concord park. Is infecting large numbers of people considered kind?

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Someone should start testing

Someone should start testing the legal recourse waters for something like reckless endangerment. Sooner or later it will happen and shit could get real. If there is no recourse, then it would further cement our country as Trump's deplorable shithole.

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