Mar 15 2020
11:39 am

How does this policy slow transmission rates?

compare to this
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See full TDOE document here

If your school does not have a lab-confirmed case or suspected case of COVID-19

  • School operations should continue as normal.


If your school has a suspected case of COVID-19 that has not yet been lab-confirmed

  • School operations should continue as normal.
  • The ill individual should be isolated at home. If COVID-19 symptoms are present (e.g. difficulty breathing, fever, cough) the individual should call their health care provider to determine next steps and whether testing may be needed.


If a student or staff member is a contact to an individual who has been quarantined (an individual who has been exposed to a confirmed or suspected case but who is not currently ill)

  • Individuals who have been in contact with a person in quarantine do NOT pose a threat. Districts are not advised to close schools unless a school has been notified of a lab-confirmed COVID-19 illness in a student or staff member who was in the building or attended a school-based event.

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They're not testing anyone. And the problem with school kids is not that their risk of developing coronavirus or suffering from debilitating effects is great, it's that they are extremely efficient carriers. This policy doesn't appear to address that.

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It's the wrong policy for this moment

The threshold question is: does a policy change the rate of transmission? If so, how; if not, why not?

Compare to this public health approach in Ohio -

"Going by what medical experts are telling us, [the outbreak] may not peak until the latter part of April or May," he added. "We've informed superintendents while we've closed schools for three weeks, odds are we will go on a lot longer."

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School essentials

But if schools reopen, will there be enough toilet paper?

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Prolly, but it is not charmin...

But if teachers and students are forced to return before we are on the downside of the confirmed case curve

  • will there be enough space in rooms with 35+ kids to practice CDC social distance guidelines
  • will there be enough space, materials and time for all students to wash their hands on a regular basis
  • will there be enough hand sanitizer

It's all besides the point because the asymptomatic transmission aspect of COVID coupled with the lack of testing renders the disease a black-box. COVID, like counting fish - they're both invisible and they're always moving.

Kids = vectors.

We've got to flatten the curve so that we don't breach hospital capacity and along with it, increase mortality rates. Hopefully the city and the county will do their parts and restrict bar and restaurant occupancies like the WHO is telling Europe.

Madrid’s regional government announced that all cafés, bars, restaurants, cinemas, gyms and non-food shops would be closed for two weeks from Saturday.

The Catalan president, Quim Torra, announced plans to shut off the north-eastern Spanish region and called on the central government to assist by authorising the closure of ports, airports and railways.

“The evolution of the contagion calls for most drastic action,” Torra said on Friday night. “We need to restrict entry and exit to protect ourselves.”

We have to get ahead of the curve.

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We've got to flatten the

We've got to flatten the curve so that we don't breach hospital capacity and along with it, increase mortality rates.


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Someone I know looked up

Someone I know looked up commercial size toilet paper and found it still available. Yesterday anyway. :)

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