Tennessee has reported its biggest one-day jump in confirmed coronavirus cases as the state continues to increase testing efforts.

The Tennessee Department of Health said there were at least 9,667 confirmed cases as of Sunday. The 478 new cases represents a 5.2% jump from Saturday’s total. The Tennessean reports it’s the highest number of new virus cases recorded in one day in the state.

But heck, we flattened the curve, and it is time for people to begin to get back to work...

Sure go get your dining out experience. Just, please, don't bring back covid-19 to your family and friends.

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largest one-day jump in

largest one-day jump in weeks.

The big jump came in Trousdale County, which went from 123 cases on Thursday to 1,020 on Friday. There is a state correctional facility in the county and prison COVID-19 cases have been mushrooming with 1,224 inmates and 22 staff members testing positive.
54% of the inmate population has tested positive and 12% percent of the staff
At the Trousdale facility, 98% of the inmates who tested positive were asymptomatic

Trousdale County is East of Nashville and north of Lebanon TN.

Trousdale Turner Correctional Center (TTCC) is a medium security facility managed by CoreCivic, a private corrections management firm.

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Neither of the rather large detention facilities in Morgan Counÿ

Has tested their inmates. Guess where the guards wives like to shop? Think any of them has made it to Westtown?

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