Feb 8 2009
09:31 am

U.T. journalism professor Jim Stovall has an interesting and informative series of blog posts about online journalism that may also be of interest to bloggers:

Headline writing for the web

Editing for the web

Writing summaries

Writing for Twitter - good journalism in 140 characters

Mobile as the seventh mass media

Rules for the student photojournalist

Qualities of the digital journalist

RELATED: A new website for online journalists.

katie allison granju's picture

I hope UT realizes what a

I hope UT realizes what a treasure they have in Jim Stovall. He is truly on the cutting edge of training the next generation of American journalists. Plus, he's a great guy :-0

JPROF's picture

Katie and Randy, Thanks to

Katie and Randy,

Thanks to you both. I am humbled by your compliments.

And thanks for picking up the links. I hope they are helpful to anyone who reads them.

Jim Stovall

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