Aug 9 2019
06:19 am
By: R. Neal

Most people are figuring out that they shouldn't answer calls from unknown numbers because 90%+ of the time they are spam or scams.

The same applies to online surveys, polls, questionnaires, quizzes, etc. They are harvesting more personal info about you and your personality to round out their profile on you or worse. Does Cambridge Analytica ring a bell?

P.S. If it's a political campaign's poll, survey or whatever, they don't really care what you think. They just want your email, phone number and mailing address. And a donation.

Up Goose Creek's picture

Presidential polls

I have a bit of a dilemma because I favor Amy Klobuchar and she needs support in the polls to advance with the debates. What to do? Is it premature to expect any calls from pollsters here in TN?

BTW I will encourage knoxviews readers to look into her website. The menu provides links to an impressive platform and agenda.


R. Neal's picture

I like Klobuchar, too. Don't

I like Klobuchar, too. Don't understand why she isn't getting any traction. Anyway, if it's a poll from the campaign, and not some clickbait site or Fox News, go for it. Sounds like she already has your e-mail, etc. anyway.

jbr's picture

I liked her early. But the

I liked her early. But the articles I have read concerning her treatment of staff turned me off a bit.

Up Goose Creek's picture


I read that but wasn't paying too close attention - at the time I was in the Warren camp. I know there are challenges being a woman in a supervisory position, or maybe it came from her military background. Or it could be a couple of disgruntled employees being paid off by the right wing. I hope someone does an update with her current staff.

In the meantime Warren has taken a turn to the left - though I will gladly support her if she wins the nomination. I haven't ruled Harris out but don't see enough substance.

In any case, if I do any boots on the ground campaigning in 2020 I will definitely be turning to the left. That is I will turn left on Chapman highway and drive on to Kentucky. I figure an Amy bumper sticker will serve me well in KY.

Alex_Falk's picture


amy won’t make it yall.
who do yall *really* think can *win* and why?

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I like Amy

I like Amy, too. And Michael Bennett. And Steve Bullock, although I don’t know as much about him. I gave them all $$ to help them qualify for the next round of debates. Amy already has. Not sure about the other two.

I’ll vote for any of the D’s over an R - especially Trump, but Bernie is at or near the bottom of my list. Maybe in a tie with DeBlasio. I’m glad there are some Amy fans on here.

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As far as treating her staff

As far as treating her staff badly, If true, I admit it’s not a good look. But I think it’s true that women are judged to a different standard, and I’ve never seen a perfect candidate in any race. I think she’ll have a harder time because she has kind of a monotonic delivery. Can someone learn to be more animated?

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I kinda overlooked the

I kinda overlooked the complaints on Klobuchar. It is tough being a woman in a supervisory position. We're supposed to be sweet. Hah! Gotta git'ter done.

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is there anything strategic about yalls preferences?

Up Goose Creek's picture


Really? it's way to early to think seriously about strategic voting.

I suppose that's what I was doing when I considered Harris for her charisma and speaking style. But not giving it serious thought at the moment.

Alex_Falk's picture

i know it seems that way

i know it seems that way and earnestly apologize for that, its just that so often the general consensus on this self-identifying progressive forum seems incomprehensible to myself and my peers -- as if there is no connection to or analysis of the current historical moment in politics / culture / media.

i don't expect to agree with folks all the time, but i worry that practical result of the perceived disconnect will be that the reactionary right will retain and entrench their power, rather than a presumed "swing of the pendulum"

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Speaking style

I saw a good improvement in H. Clinton's speaking style from 2008 to 2016. So it's possible but probably not enough time for 2020.

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