Jan 14 2022
05:28 pm

Twitter link to a complaint that KN95 masks are made in China. Hah. So you don't want to wear them if made in China? So you think the U.S. can start making enough N95 masks to prevent having to import KN95 masks from China? The Republicans should have thought about that during the Obama and Trump administrations when the Republicans decided not to finance pandemic prevention. And, come on, most everything is made in China. If that needs to be changed it will take years.

Twitter post complaining about not wanting to require voter IDs but yes to requiring proof of vaccine. He doesn't understand why there should be proof of vaccination to do certain things but they don't want to require voter IDs. Duh. Not all states currently even require voter IDs. Does he understand we are in a pandemic situation? If we could have gotten everyone vaccinated and required everyone to where mask we might be in better shape and we might not have so many deaths. Particularly senior citizen deaths.

He just has to complain about something that the good people are trying to do to help this democracy. He's beginning to sound like Marsha.

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Timarsha has a nice ring to it.


Heh. Heh.

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Tim, Marsha, Lee, Jacobs,

Tim Burchett is definately demented and his insane and evil actions have caused a lot of suffering. He is an embarrassment to his parents and his community and all those veterans he always said he supported.He is one of the biggest losers in Congress.
Tim, Marsha, Lee, Jacobs, McConnell, McCarthy, and most Republicans leaders are preaching an evil message. They are against our medical community and scientists and responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths.They are undemocratic and support dictator wannabe Trump and his Proud Boy insurrectionists. Knowing when voting rights are protected and more people vote they are more likely to lose elections they are doing everything in their power to limit suffrage and keep the racist white boys in charge and tear down democracy. They are anti-Christian preaching against everything Jesus taught. They are mindless buffoons dismantling our democracy and pushing their evil ways to destroy the decency of our government.

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