Oct 22 2019
12:17 am

Since July 1, 2019, THP has issued nearly 7,300 distracted driving citations statewide. About 3,700 of those are specifically hands free violations. In Knox County, troopers gave out 273 distracted driving tickets, and 102 for someone using a cell phone while driving.

THP ramping up efforts to catch distracted drivers

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Are there any statistics for

Are there any statistics for Knoxville City and Knox County officers cell phone tickets?

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Digital Billboards and Signs

They should start ticketing people for watching digital billboards and signs rotate through their messages. It's known that taking your eyes off the road for more than 2 seconds doubles the risk of getting into a car accident. Digital signs are designed to distract.

Impractical you say? Let's just ban all digital signs, then.

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Cell phone detection cameras rolled out in Australia

The Australian state of New South Wales rolled out "high definition detection cameras" on Sunday, designed to catch drivers using cell phones behind the wheel.

'World first' cell phone detection cameras rolled out in Australia

NJ woman faces up to 10 years in prison in texting while driving fatality

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