Jul 19 2006
02:59 pm
By: michael kaplan

this one's a peach-rhubarb. hope to get to the blueberries soon ..

JustJohnny's picture

Looks Tasty!

we need a Knoxviews Pie & Ice Cream social......

StaceyDiamond's picture


man that looks great, homemade or from the market?

michael kaplan's picture


"we need a Knoxviews Pie & Ice Cream social......"

i'm ready. anyone know how to make homemade ice cream?

Stick Thrower's picture

Peach-Rhubarb... Good.

I thought at first that it was a gizzard-liposuction pie with some broken ribs on top.

Sorry. I'm sure it's tasty, but it's not really very pretty. 
bizgrrl's picture

Yum! Since when do you add

Yum! Since when do you add peaches to rhubarb?

michael kaplan's picture

peaches and rhubarb

"Since when do you add peaches to rhubarb?"

it's an extension of the 'strawberry-rhubarb' concept. the peaches are sweet and the rhubarb is tart. plenty of sugar helps, of course.

and yes, it's homemade, including the crust. the recipe comes from my grandmother's 1927 cookbook, "Anyone Can Bake." predating color photography, the book has paintings of cakes and pies.

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