Jan 23 2006
05:55 pm

Since our launch Friday afternoon, KnoxViews appears to be off to a great start.

In addition to the growing volume of high-quality contributions by our users, we have 67 registered users, have served up over 12,000 page views, clocked more than 1900 visits, and generated a fair amount of buzz in the local blogosphere.

So thanks to one and all. We look forward to a growing KnoxViews community and, together, making the site better every day.

OK, then.

SayUncle's picture

Excellent! Great idea. My

Excellent! Great idea. My only problem is I didn't think of it.

JustJohnny's picture

Ditto. I am pretty excited

Ditto. I am pretty excited about it too. The site actually came up in one of my classes today; just guessing, I think the kid was a college republican because he grumbled about that 'liberal bubba dude in South Knoxville' having a website again. I just wished I had one of those "I'm SKB" tee shirts on hand when he said it.

Justin's picture

welcome back..and thanks!

welcome back..and thanks!

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