In 41 states, minors must have the consent of a parent or guardian to be immunized but Tennessee is one of five states that has a "mature minor doctrine" that allows health care providers to decide if any child has the capacity to consent to vaccination themselves.

Tennessee's vaccine manager says she's worried for her state after she was fired

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"People all through state

"People all through state government are scared to death that they are going to lose their jobs over this. We are not permitted to do what is right and evidence based and what is recommended by CDC and other national experts on how to manage this pandemic. As a result, our case counts are going up. We only have 38% of Tennessee residents vaccinated, and Delta is coming over from our border states in Arkansas and Missouri."

Tennessee had a fast and organized vaccine rollout until the matter became politicized, Fiscus said. "We were one of the best and fastest in the country," she said.

Now, she said, the state has stopped all vaccine outreach regarding children. "This is a failure of public health to protect the people of Tennessee and that is what is reprehensible," she wrote.

Ridiculous. The state has had this policy for 34 years and now it's not okay? The State of Tennessee is going backwards and it's getting scary.

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This is disgraceful. As he

This is disgraceful.

As he was running away from reporters, Gov. Lee told them he wasn't aware of it.

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Tennessee Leads The Way

The GOPs vaccine skeptic wing has a breakthrough in Tennessee:

It is actually not all that hard to imagine a future world where TN treats vaccines as "dangerous controlled drugs" and there are criminal penalties for vaccinating children given the glide path this is on.

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Dr. Fiscus' performance reviews were overwhelmingly positive

From the "Do you want me to tell you the truth, or do you want me to tell you what you want to hear" school ...

“Dr. Fiscus is a trusted and reliable advocate to promote vaccination in Tennessee,” the review stated. “Not only is she an advocate within the state but is becoming a recognized national voice promoting the public health benefits of immunization programs."

Performance reviews dating back to 2016 take a similar tone, in which her bosses describe her as a 'strong leader' and in 2020 doing 'an outstanding job representing TDH and CEDEP.’

That review went on to say, in part:
“Her work has far exceeded expectations in regard to outreach to stakeholder groups and collaborators in the [COVID-19] response.”

Dr. Fiscus' performance reviews were overwhelmingly positive before Tennessee suddenly fired her

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Dr. Fiscus and her family are

Dr. Fiscus and her family are moving to Virginia. Her husband is on the Williamson Co. school board and the recent protests were a factor in their decision. "We love this community," Brad Fiscus said, "but it's just not the same place where we raised our kids."


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Guessing a lot of people are wondering

whether staying in TN is a safe choice for them and their families. Not a good look when a highly regarded vaccination director decides to pack up and ship out after being removed from her post amidst a raging respiratory virus pandemic during which her state leadership feels compelled to not require masking of unvaccinated students in schools. She's likely not alone in making a decision to get the f*ck out while/if one can. The anti-maskers moving from California would probably love to buy a Knoxville house.

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"The anti-maskers moving from

"The anti-maskers moving from California would probably love to buy a Knoxville house."

Interesting enough a guy from California moved to Blount County for the conservative populace. He had already tried Texas and wasn't happy. I don't think he got the reception here he was hoping for. His oped/letter to the editor didn't go over so well. Much push back. Maybe he'll move on.

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