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The most important question.....

Have we elected a Russian asset to be our Senator? She has not supported a single position that would benefit her constituents, yet she appears to be bulletproof when it comes to actually being held accountable.

Her behavior and disdain for Senate rules and protocol shall be the standard for disgrace as long as our republic remains in place, which may not be as long as many of us would hope.

Do we send representatives to Washington to fall in lockstep with dictators and hide behind the propaganda machine, or do we sent them to Washington to represent the interests of our state?

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1) google Kline Preston 2)

1) google Kline Preston

2) Marsha is in DC to represent Marsha

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This gets more interesting as I go. It also helps explain how the hell a sorority girl from Mississippi came up with her trailer park strategy.

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She's even dumber than I

She's even dumber than I thought, if that's even possible.

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Marsha's question

Martha asked if the standards for impeachment and conviction were the same and whether or not the House had met the standard for impeachment.

Which lead me to ask myself, "My god, what is this woman doing reading Nazi propaganda and sneaking out of the chamber to do interviews on Fox when she doesn't even understand the basics of these proceedings and clearly needs to be paying attention?"

It's one thing to be a partisan idiot going into this knowing how you will vote regardless of the evidence at hand, it's another to get in front of the Senate and the world to announce you're an idiot and a hack in front of everyone.

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Blackburn is hoping for

Blackburn is hoping for something good (something really good) in return for her actions.

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