May 7 2020
09:26 am

From WSMV, Nashville,
The State of Tennessee contracted with a sock making company to make 5,000,000 masks for Tennesseans. The first shipment was 400,000 and an upcoming shipment will be an additional 600,000.

The masks are knit and not intended for medical use.

From Gloria Johnson, TN House of Representatives, District 13,
A friend picked 1 up and said it looks like somebody cut a sock in half it’s very porous and I can see through it. It’s like trying to keep chipmunks out of your garden with chicken wire.

Most researchers have said that tightly woven cotton plus natural silk or flannel, and cotton quilt with cotton-polyester batting are best for masks if you cannot get an N95 mask or a special surgical mask.

Sheesh... Will it give some people a feeling of security while being no help at all? They would have been better off contracting a bandana manufacturer. Two layers of bandana material is much better than a single layer of knit sock material.

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Who ARE these people?

If Gloria is right, and she usually is, I cannot help but wonder if anyone in Lee's orbit has any sense at all.

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TN Sec of State lists Renfro

TN Sec of State lists Renfro Corp's registered agent as CT Corporation, Montvue Rd, Knoxville. CT is a Delaware Corp and their registered agent has a New York address. When it get beyond two corporations and one is registered in Delaware, it's usually someone who doesn't want to be found.

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Here's Bill Lee's official

Here's Bill Lee's official press release about it...


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