Starting July 1, drivers caught in violation of the law could face a $100 fine. The citation increases to a $200 fine if the violation results in an accident.

Tennessee law banning handheld cellphone use while driving takes effect July 1

THP urges drivers to prepare for hands-free law going into effect July 1st

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Old car?

What's my best option for a 2011 Mazda 3?

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Yeah, there are some

Yeah, there are some universal stand-alone Bluetooth kits available. I'd make sure it's returnable since you will want to try out the adapter.

Here's one from Motorola.

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A little old, so may be

A little old, so may be something better ...

Hands free older cars

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I put a Sony head unit in my

I put a Sony head unit in my gfs 2007 Ford edge. Now she has a 7" touch screen, Apple car play and Android auto and a mic for hands free texting and calling. Whole setup with install was about $ 500. It's pretty easy to retrofit older cars

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for the suggestions except going to Walmart and spending $500!!

At a friend's suggestion, I'm getting this which for her works just great.


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Before I had a car with

Before I had a car with Bluetooth I just pulled over when I really needed to make a call. Still probably the best way.

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I agree.

I agree.

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Hands-free doesn't mean distraction-free.


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Tennessee tops cellphone distracted driving deaths list

The study found the Volunteer State had the highest rate of distracted driving deaths nearly five times the national average of 1.49 fatalities for every 10 billion vehicle miles.

States with the strictest distracted driving regulations typically had the lowest number of these types of deaths, the study found.

Pay attention to the road! Tennessee tops cellphone distracted driving deaths list

“The states with full bans on handheld use of cellphones we found had 45% lower rates than the states with partial bans or no bans at all,” Peterson said.

Tennessee tops new list for cellphone distracted driving deaths

Distracted Driving - Tennessee

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I wonder if they will ban women from putting on makeup while they drive, or the gentlemen reading his book on I-640 while driving?

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I am guessing cell phone use

I am guessing cell phone use is by far the largest cause of distracted driving accidents. The state says there were 24,786 distracted driving accidents in 2017. Banning hand held use by a driver in a vehicle is a good start. Maybe the state will some day group those less frequent distracted driving activities shown to cause accidents into a single legislation. If the new law results in a significant drop in accidents and deaths, then analysis may can accurately determine the cause of remaining accidents and craft further accident reducing legislation.

Tennessee Distracted Driver Traffic Crashes by Year & County 2008 - 2018*

Peterson says from 2015-2017 in Tennessee there were 166 fatalities caused by drivers distracted by their cellphones. Peterson says they found that’s five times greater than the national average, and 300% greater than neighboring states; Kentucky and North Carolina

Tennessee tops new list for cellphone distracted driving deaths

In 2015, approximately 3,477 people in this country died in crashes that involved a distracted driver, and 391,000 people were injured.

Distracted Driving

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Each violation also adds three points to driving record

But it's not just money out of drivers' pockets. Each violation also adds three points to a motorist's driving record.

It only takes 12 points for a Tennessee driver's license to be suspended.

What you need to know about Tennessee's new law banning phones while driving

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How much effort do you think

How much effort do you think police will make to issue fines for cellphone use? They don't have time to fine speeders as it is now.

I saw someone this morning typing into their cellphone in the neighborhood. I doubt any police will be cruising our neighborhood very often.

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