Feb 6 2008
01:25 am

Among the five states that he took today, Huckabee takes TN primary.

The evangelicals turn out for the Reverend, throwing a stick in the spokes of the McCain juggernaut.

West Virginia, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Georgia. The solid south comes through.

(And boy, how about Utah? The biggest surprise is the margin - 89% Romney, 6% McCain. I mean, I imagine that the LDS are going to turn out for their own, but hooooooooooooooooo buddy. That's a pants-down spankin'.)

Mordant chuckles echo around the house.

Start the Rush Limbaugh suicide watch...

rikki's picture

double dip

how about Utah?

Romney spent most of his time as Governor of Massachusetts organizing the Salt Lake City Olympics.

Eleanor A's picture

I love nothing better than

I love nothing better than to watch Republicans devour their own.

Hm. I'm actually eating popcorn as I type this...

smalc's picture

We got a phone call from the

We got a phone call from the Huckster on Monday and Tuesday nights. Monday night was mostly Jesus talk. The Tuesday call was at about 6PM, it started out talking about the WV win, but i only listened to about 20 seconds of it.

R. Neal's picture

On behalf of fellow

On behalf of fellow liberal/progressive/Democrats in Tennessee, I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize to the rest of America for this embarrassment. We promise to work harder to do better in the future.

Justin's picture

Jesus and guns will win

Jesus and guns will win every time. Maybe the Huck can give some motivational speeches at Powell high school in the upcoming weeks and give away some free fish fry tickets to the local Baptist church to win some souls...and votes.

gonzone's picture

not unexpected

The Republican party machine has been playing footsie with the fundies for years in order to gain their support with foot soldiers and votes while legislating for the corporations when in power.
It appears the fundies FINALLY figured out they were being lied to, the check is not in the mail, and they can do this get out the vote thing themselves, thanks to the great training received from the party over the years.
They want their JesusLand and they ain't gonna settle for another back seat.

Good for them I say.

They have 2 choices, either totally take over the party that secretly ridicules them while using them, or start their own political party and split the unholy alliance the Republicans have relied on for so long.

No mistake, Huckster ain't gonna get the nomination but the writing is on the wall that the fundies are ready to go out on their own.
When McCain gets the nod then the break will occur.
Dobson will call the faithful together, Robertson will preach the funeral of the Republican party, and Huckster will announce the birth of the Holy King James Only Premillenial Dispensationalist Jesus Party of Amerika.

Get out the popcorn.

R. Neal's picture

I think McCain and Huckabee

I think McCain and Huckabee have made a deal for Huckabee to stay in the race as the Romney spoiler. I doubt it's for VP, but maybe for a cabinet post. But I guess it's possible that McCain is crazy or desperate enough to run with Huckabee, especially if Obama is the dem nominee.

Sarge's picture

I'm not surprised by

I'm not surprised by Huckabee's bible belt victory, after all these are the same people that voted for the current President, King George. HELL THEY WILL NEVER LEARN NOR UNDERSTAND THAT THEY ARE DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY.

Tamara Shepherd's picture

More TN Dems overall?

But where did I read that in TN, more Dems turned out overall?

Paul Witt's picture

Here: Link...Numbers like

Here: (link...)

Numbers like this sure could make the rest of the year interesting. It'd be nice to be purple and not be ignored by the campaigns this time around.

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