Jul 31 2021
06:17 am

"Governor Bill Lee spoke at the Tennessee Cattlemen's Association Convention in Sevierville about several different topics on Friday.

"COVID is here to stay. We have a managed health issue to address just like many health issues in the state," he said. "Case counts will ebb and flow ... People understand the risks associated with it, and that they have personal responsibility decisions to make."

Lee said he does not plan to institute any new COVID-19 restrictions to prevent cases from rising after the state reported more than 2,000 new cases."

Although, "he signed Executive Order 82 which extends a "limited state of emergency" in the state until Aug. 31.

He specifically said that Executive Order 82 allows the state to continue receiving additional federal funding for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. It also allows additional funding from the federal government to be used in National Guard and State Guard COVID-19 response efforts."

So, it's here to stay, a managed health issue. But we need more federal funds to manage this health issue. What won't he do for more federal funds. Then he won't tell his constituents to get a vaccine and act appropriately for this to, hopefully, go away like polio, small pox, etc.

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What won't he do for more

What won't he do for more federal funds

Expand Medicaid, apparently.

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Liars Have to Keep Lying

Republicans are stuck with several big lies. I am undecided if lying about Trump losing the election in a landslide of votes is worse than lying about how many Americans are needlessly dying of covid. Either way, Republicans are stuck with continuing to feed the lies as opposed to admitting to their base that they were lied to and a bunch of them are dead.

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